5 challenges for young entrepreneurs for an established business

From increased stress to facing stereotypes, a young entrepreneur needs to tackle several challenges.

Dreams do come true, but they come with tons of unprecedented challenges that one isn’t ready for, especially when one is kick-starting their entrepreneurial journey as a young entrepreneur. Even though we are brimming with innovative ideas that can turn silver into gold, we face a myriad of issues other than lack of funds, experience and the right kind of exposure while leading our business. Moreover, ever since the pandemic began, the problems that we, as young entrepreneurs, have to tackle have become even bigger.

With a couple of years in the industry, here are some challenges that I have faced and worked with - to manage and grow the business even bigger, better and more profitable:

1. Self-induced Stress and Anxiety

While a lot of business people go through self-induced stress and anxiety, it is most commonly found among young entrepreneurs.

People tend to think that young people have several years ahead of themselves to worry about any kind of responsibilities, have time to figure things out in life or have nothing to worry about, but this isn’t the case, especially when you are taking on the reins of an on-going well-established business.

Setting up a business or investing in an already running business have different sets of challenges. When it is the latter, it becomes even more critical to make it work better than it has ever been run before, more profit, lesser cost, better salaries, improved quality and whatnot.

Hence, self-induced stress and anxiety is something that young entrepreneurs should not dwell on and find ways to work through.

2. Hiring the right staff

It may not sound like a big challenge, but as young entrepreneurs start their journey, this is one of the most important hurdles that need to be dealt with to take a step towards creating a sustainable and more stable working ecosystem.

Today, young people tend to be actively involved in the business with their heads running in several directions, and hiring a grounded yet smart staff can help support the vision in the most realistic way possible.

3. Facing Age Stereotypes

Not being taken seriously because of the age in an established business is a stereotype that every young entrepreneur has to face, because people think of us as ‘fresh out of college talent who have not yet seen the world and who do not know how the industry works.’

Sometimes, it gets even harsh, as people start labelling us as lazy, irresponsible or unprofessional, for the tiniest mistake that we make. However, being threatened because of age is the last thing a young entrepreneur should be worried about because we have a lot on our plate, such as salaries to pay and innovate our products and services to shut those stereotypes off.

Also, eventually, our work starts speaking for us, and helps gain a reputation of maturity and considered worthy of trust and respect by the older set.

4. Good Assistance and Support

Taking over an established business requires having a strong right-hand person that can help make well-intentioned, business-friendly decisions quickly, and as a young entrepreneur, it becomes quite a bit of a pickle, as it gets difficult to trust people.

5. Dealing with the unknown

It is true that experience and exposure to different opportunities gives you the strength, knowledge and confidence to deal with stuff; however, as a young entrepreneur and a lack thereof of everything makes it a challenge to deal with what’s coming next.

There is no safety net to fall back on, and your back is against the wall, but this is the only and hardest challenge that one has to deal with to make it through. It gets rough, and so sometimes, we feel like giving up, but such challenges help make for the stories that people remember your entrepreneurial journey by.

There are several other challenges that a young entrepreneur faces depending on the situation, time and stakeholders involved. However, if you are able to get through these obstacles, you will feel proud of yourself for being able to establish yourself as a young entrepreneur, and ofcourse, for straightening things up to run your business as smoothly as possible.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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