Why HPE GreenLake is a must for startups looking to experience the cloud


Does your company still use paper-based manual processing? Have you experienced multiple data breaches because your software wasn't updated with the recommended security patches? Are you relying on outdated systems to connect with your employees and external stakeholders? Is your data locked in isolated silos that hides its value and potential?

The business landscape is littered with cautionary tales of companies that failed due to a lack of investment in technology. And if you answered yes to more than two of the questions above, you could very well end up on that list.

A lot of companies fail to invest adequately in new technology, despite knowing the clear ROI it provides. Common reasons holding them back are lack of budget, increase in operational costs, no substantial customer base, fear of wasting money on the wrong technology applications and being unsure of the tangible benefits of moving to the cloud.

Cloud is solving the paralysing technology challenge

Among the many lessons the pandemic has taught businesses, the biggest one is that only those who have the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to unplanned disruptions can survive the market. In other words, it prompted the need for digital transformation. And moving to the cloud is at the heart of this transformation.

Here's the good news! According to a 2021 survey by Gartner, 48 percent of companies investing in technologies say they are looking at investing in cloud computing.

Businesses are now hustling to replace their legacy, on-premise infrastructure with a scalable, economical and agile infrastructure over the cloud. But why so? From decreased IT expenses, secure infrastructure, business agility, speeding up innovation and growth, better support and access for a distributed workforce, increased efficiency in operations and management, moving to the cloud is the best decision a company can take today.

After all, with all these added benefits, who wouldn’t want to move to the Cloud? Well, the answer to this is more complex than it sounds. There's a reason why so many businesses are still hesitant to make the move. Some of the questions keeping them up at night are - Will our data be secure and compliant in the cloud? What about our legacy apps that can’t be moved to the cloud? How do we deal with downtime? Do we have the in-house expertise to feel confident moving to the cloud?

If you've been asking these questions and are looking to navigate a successful migration, there's an easy way out. HPE is on a mission to help businesses combat these challenges and bring trust and enthusiasm into the picture.

HPE GreenLake: a compatible cloud service provider for startups

HPE, with its GreenLake Edge-to-Cloud Platform, is on a journey to become the one-stop cloud service provider for startups thinking of switching to the cloud. It understands each startups' needs and long-term goals and ensures hassle-free cloud migration.

"As a cloud expert, we understand the difficulties that startups face with regard to making the transition without disturbing existing tasks. Our GreenLake platform supports them in laying the foundations for better collaboration, modernised infrastructure and greater agility in the cloud," says Ranganath Sadasiva, CTO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The platform offers services like Containers, Machine Learning, Virtual Machines, Private Cloud, Big Data, SAP Hana, Data Protection, High-Performance Computing, Networking, among others.

It allows you to easily deploy resources, view costs and forecast capacity. The burden of operating IT will be off your shoulder and instead, you can free up resources to take care of important business priorities. You have the flexibility to pay only for what you use and increase your workload as you scale, thereby reducing heavy costs.

What's more? You get to work with industry leaders like Microsoft and Intel that build their roadmaps on HPE GreenLake.

So, how do you get started? You choose the workload from dozens of cloud services, get estimated pricing, place your order and the HPE GreenLake solution gets delivered to your edge, data centre, or colocation within two weeks.

Get support for your cloud growth journey

There's no better time to start your cloud journey. And to help you make the switch a little easier, HPE is hosting a roundtable, in collaboration with YourStory on December 3, 2021 at 4 PM IST.

The session will bring together top VCs and technology partners from the ecosystem, who will share insights and actions that startups need to take to transform into a cloud-first enterprise by 2025.

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