Learn to invest in the right industries at the right time with Paytm Money’s Business Cycle Masterclass


Every economy undergoes a series of stages where it expands and contracts. This constant shifting of the economy is commonly called a ‘business cycle’.

Business cycles occur in every country and it has a direct impact on the stock market. This is common knowledge shared between most successful investors, who keenly follow the various phases of a business cycle. After all, understanding the ebb and flow of a business cycle doesn’t just help investors make better financial decisions, but also enables individuals to make better business and personal decisions, and the government to make appropriate policy decisions.

The main stages of a business cycle include expansion, peak, contraction and trough. And each of these different cyclical periods favour different sectors. For example, the contraction period often sees consumer staples and healthcare sectors outperform. Identifying these opportunities in advance and predicting which industry is expected to see a boom can help individuals invest in the right sectors and create long-term wealth.

To help you predict and invest in the right industries at the right time, Paytm Money brings you Business Cycle Masterclass.

What to expect?

The online Business Cycle Masterclass by Paytm Money, to be held from November 19-20, will help you identify market trends, and master the art of entering and exiting the market based on different phases of the business cycle.

The two-day event will see expert speakers from the field, such as Mahesh Patil, Chief Investment Officer, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited; A Balasubramanian, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited; Sidharth Damani, Head of Business Enablement, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited; Anil Ghelani, CFA, Head of Passive Investment and Products DSP Investment Managers; and Sankha Mukherjee, Training Expert and Educoach, Paytm Money.

Topics to be covered:

  • Understand what the business cycle is and what its different phases reflect
  • Learn the EIC model of fundamental analysis
  • Decode how the market cycle is correlated with the business cycle
  • Find out how the market behaves during different phases of the business cycle
  • Understand how sector rotation can protect your investment
  • Master the strategies and put them in action with ‘Investment Clock’
  • Learn to invest in the right industries and sectors as per the business cycle, through active and passive strategies

Who should attend?

This masterclass is for anyone who wants to invest in different industries as per the business cycle and create long-term wealth.

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If you truly want to make better financial decisions, don’t stop at the Business Cycle Masterclass. Because Paytm Money has many more sessions curated to broaden investor knowledge and provide outcome based learning solutions. Investing is a continuous learning process, and Paytm Money has masterclasses designed to help you at various stages. From the framework of investing to an experienced take, these sessions will teach you an array of things. The session content will be shared with all attendees so that you can design your path and achieve the results you’ve dreamt of.

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