Tier II, III cities turbocharge LetsTransport’s growth plans

In a conversation with YourStory, Pushkar Singh, CEO and Co-founder, LetsTransport talks about the company’s growth amid the festive season and the road ahead.

Tech-logistics company LetsTransport claims to have seen phenomenal growth this festive season. The COVID-19 pandemic led digital push has been beneficial to last-mile delivery providers as home delivery orders soared. 

Pushkar Singh, CEO and Co-founder, LetsTransport, says that the pandemic led to LetsTransport ramping up its supply chain. The processes of tracking, traceability and reliability, he adds, needed to be fast-forwarded as demand for home deliveries rose. 

Commenting on the surge in demand, he says, “A lot of sales this time was driven by Tier II,III & IV markets. The good thing about those markets is that it is very nascent and hence you need to develop those markets from a logistics capability.” 

There are certain subtle challenges in these markets, according to Pushkar, that are different from metropolitan markets. During this festive season, LetsTransport identified the need to train delivery workers in the holistic process of delivery right from the mapping stations to handling cash and delivery. 

Founded in 2015, LetsTransport provides solutions for last-mile tech-logistics for intrastate freight deliveries. Recently, the company collaborated with EVRE to provide EV charging and parking infrastructure across 12 cities. 

Founders of LetsTransport - Sudarshan, Pushkar, and Ankit

The Bengaluru-based company has signed multiple tie-ups, including financing and OEM, among others. The startup aims to experiment with design to arrive at the right product and infrastructure that its drivers and vehicle owners would be comfortable using. 

“We work with an aggregated driver owner community of these small trucks and they have a lot of vulnerabilities/risks that come along with very nascent technology like that of electrification or electric vehicles,” says Pushkar. 

With these partnerships, the brand is aiming to offset end-customer risk. Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is one such initiative that LetsTransport is experimenting with. 

The development of this infrastructure is targeted towards its drivers and owners who are looking for economical ways to charge their vehicles. There are around 1.3 lakh registered truck drivers on the platform. 

“We have seen abundant demand coming from 200 large enterprises that we serve and we are seeing a volume surge of about 4X on our platform,” says Pushkar. 

Going forward, LetsTransport will be looking to expand its business by over 3X to 4X in terms of fleet size, revenue and its existing client base. 

Currently, LetsTransport has a fleet of over 1,00,000 vehicles and the brand is looking to move entirely to an EV fleet. Earlier this year, the brand partnered with OEMs in an effort to develop a robust EV fleet for its last-mile delivery. 

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