Here's how unicorns build their brands

In a virtual panel discussion at the Grand Finale of TechSparks 2021, founders and CEOs of - Razorpay, Harshil Mathur; ShareChat, Ankush Sachdeva; and Licious, Abhay Hanjura spoke about brand evolving and building larger brands.

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How do unicorns build their brands?

According to Abhay Hanjura, Co-founder of Licious, while startups are focused on building their product to solve a problem in the initial days, they need to look closely at the brand and evolve the organisation as they grow.

"In the early days, you have to live the brand. When it comes to scale, what becomes extremely important is creating ownership of the brand,” he added.

He was speaking at the grand finale of the 12th edition of TechSparks, India's most influential startup-tech conference hosted by YourStory, in a virtual roundtable along with Harshil Mathur, Co-founder and CEO, Razorpay; and Ankush Sachdeva, Co-founder and CEO, ShareChat

Talking about nuances of brand building from unicorns' perspective, the founders agreed that brand is the projection of what you stand for and truly believe. It is about the people who put in their investment. 

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Razorpay co-founder Harshil Mathur

“The brand is decided by the founders and what they believe in. Consultants just help in drilling it down. It is a living and breathing organism.”

Harshil Mathur, CEO and Co-founder, Razorpay

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