[App Friday] With ACloset, you have your entire wardrobe on your phone

AI-based outfit planning app ACloset, which currently has over 100,000 downloads, aims to help you make that all-important decision: what to wear.

With the pandemic outbreak, and the resultant work from home practice and social isolation, working in loungewear had almost become the norm. However, with hybrid working slowly making its way as the new norm and outdoor activities increasing, it is time to step out of the house more often.  

And helping you decide what to wear when you step out is ACloset - an AI-based outfit planning app launched in March 2021, according to data available on the Google Play Store. 

With over 100,000 downloads, the app currently has a of 4.4 rating on the Play Store

How does it work

Once you download the ACloset app, it will ask you to share your location. It does this so that its outfit suggestions are made according to the weather in your location. 

The app also provides some quick tips about managing your wardrobe, and creating outfit combinations, among other things. 

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First things first, once you are on the app, you can choose to sign in through your Facebook or Google account. Next, answer a few questions to understand your body shape, height, sizes, your style preference -- including basic, casual, feminine, luxury and affordable-- and brand preferences. 

Once you have answered these questions, ACloset leads you to the ‘Feed’ page. Here, you get hundreds of styling suggestions, shared by other users, based on your styling preferences and your body type.

On the bottom tab, the Home icon gives you the option to plan your outfits for the week ahead. This can be done by adding actual pictures of the clothes you have in your wardrobe. To add the pictures, click the ‘Clothes’ tab on the bottom bar, then add your collection by clicking on the ‘+’ icon on the bottom right corner. 

ACloset also provides a list of clothes to choose from, and these need not necessarily be your actual clothes but something in your wish list.

Credit: YourStory Design

The ‘Discover’ section is also where you can buy pieces of clothing, from brands selected by you earlier. 

The app also provides a style analysis based on the way you plan your outfit and clothes in your wardrobe. This could give you some sense about what you like wearing more compared to the colour palette in your collection. 


For those interested in styling and looking presentable every day, this app is a handy tool. All you need to do is feed the contents of your entire wardrobe into the app, including accessories like bags, belts and shoes, and then let the app decide for you what to put together. 

The app also has its advantages in being a ledger of sorts for clothes - as it helps you decide what to retain and what to discard based on the style analysis. 

In terms of user interface, ACloset is as easy as they come, with minimalistic design and simple colours. Where the app can improve is onboarding more Indian clothing options and local brands to cater to the Indian taste. 

Edited by Anju Narayanan


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