Anshul Goyal believes it's important to include human values as a subject in schools

Anshul Goyal of Rama Steel Forge believes teaching school children human values like time management and patience is paramount in a world where no one has time for anything.

Meet Anshul Goyal, who looks forward to Sunday, because that's the only day he can rest, spend quality time with his family, and do all of his favourite things, including listening to music, watching dance videos and movies. "In an age of remixes, I still prefer classic romantic songs," he says. Forget tea or coffee, milk has always been Anshul’s go-to drink.

As a child, he wanted to become an engineer but with time, his aspirations changed and today he leads Rama Steel Forge, a leading industry name engaged in the exporting and supplying of auto parts, hand tools, and CNC machined components.

If given a chance to talk to the Prime Minister of India, Anshul says he would ask him about the role businessmen play in the growth of the country, and issues that have plagued India for years, including free subsidies, caste division, and quota system allotment.

One subject he would want to teach in school is human values like time management and patience, which he feels is more paramount now than ever. "It's important to ingrain these values in children because nowadays, people are greedy, lack patience, and don't have time for each other. If they plan better, they can have all the time in the world," he says.

For him, success means having enough money to live a good life, one where your family life and professional life is smooth, and one where you can support your family.


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