An ex-badminton player, Metesh Gupta is bringing the spirit of sportsmanship to his business

From aspiring to become a pilot to being a professional badminton player to now managing his family business, Metesh Gupta says success is a process that never ends.

As a child, Metesh Gupta used to watch movies and wished to become a pilot someday. But as he grew, aspirations changed and he's now a fourth-generation entrepreneur at Perfect Dyeing and Finishing, where they manufacture fabrics, garments and blankets. "As we grow older, we start thinking realistically. Business is in my blood, so I had to undertake this path and try to grow from here," he says.

Earlier, his business was job-work centric and they would only fulfil orders from the local industry. Now, they have integrated into manufacturing and have a presence pan India, in terms of fabrics and garments, as well as job works. This, Metesh says, is his biggest business achievement to date.

Once upon a time, he was a professional badminton player, but he's busy with his business now. But the sportsmanship remains and he makes sure to play every morning.

If Metesh got two minutes to speak to the prime minister of India, he would first ask if he has plans for the betterment of the fabric industry. "Without the support of the government, we cannot make this a manufacturing hub. Support at the grassroots level is required. This is a major issue the current industry is facing today," he says. Metesh adds that although the government is providing them with incentives, the realistic implementation is quite different from what one imagines it to be.

Two of his favourite days are Monday and Saturday. He says that when Monday begins, there's a new challenge to overcome. "This is the day when you plan something new in terms of a target and look forward to achieving it," he shares.

Saturday, on the other hand, ends the week and you can relax and analyse how the week went. "Whether you have met the target is not the point. Rather, Saturday is the day to close whatever you're trying to achieve," says Metesh.

When asked what success means to him, he says that it's when both he and his team are satisfied with what they're doing. Having said that, for his business, success doesn't stop at a particular stage. He says, "When you earn Rs 1, your target becomes Rs 2 and so on. Success doesn't have a closing point and can't be rated either."

Today, Metesh is a part of Growtherator Ludhiana and for him, this is a base platform from where one can achieve whatever they want in their business.


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