Auth0 Webinar: Industry experts share valuable insights on ensuring seamless customer experience through identity management

The Auth0 Identity Platform, a product unit within Okta, takes a modern approach to identity and enables organisations to provide security access to any application, for any user.

Identity management is the first step to digital applications. If it becomes too easy or difficult for the wrong person to access, it would for sure significantly impact your customer experience (CX) and security. The Auth0 Identity Platform, a product unit within Okta, takes a modern approach to identity and enables organisations to provide security access to any application, for any user.

India has an abundance of tech talent, and quite often, they want to build it all. Besides, cost is another aspect where customers refrain from leveraging a SaaS-based model. Auth0 is a highly customisable and economical platform that is simple and flexible as desired by the developmental teams. Thus, to champion the cause of addressing identity and authentication as the foundation for providing access to digital services, Auth0 organised a webinar titled ‘Why Build When You Can Buy?’ on November 25, 2021.

Moderated by Richard Marr, APAC Regional Director, Auth0, the session comprised leaders and industry experts like Amol Date, Vice President Product and CRM Development, InterMiles; D V Narayana Babu Laveti, Senior Software Architect, Exotel; Vipul Verma, Senior VP of Engineering, Lambdatest; Ginu George, Head of Product, Almabase; Victor Robin, Cloud Engineering Manager, Dunnhumby.

Delivering convenience, privacy, and security

Addressing the identity issue, Victor said, “We were aiming to build on a new product instead of altering the previous one while taking the cause of identity management. So, it was a kind of chain of reactions that led to the decision of what we were going to use for the identity parts.”

Making user experience easy and seamless was the bigger aim, Ginu added. “For users, the mindset turned in a way that while they log in to the app, they get a seamless experience of all the applications,” shared InterMiles’ Amol.

“We got a customer who was asking for a single sign-in for all his users and wanted the on-boarding and off-boarding process to be at a centralised location. We opted for Auth0 as a quick solution for its enterprise-level features, thereby quickening the process of client satisfaction within a shorter period,” added Vipul.

Explaining the problems that Exotel was trying to solve through Auth0, Narayana said, “Our user management application wasn’t as flexible as it should be, thus making our work difficult to launch various products. Besides, the set of security features demanded by our customers were initially built by us, but then we realised the need to opt for a solution that’s already there, instead of building one.”

For users/organisations opting for solutions in identity management, Auth0 is a platform with modern approaches.

Customers demanded a change reducing the number of logins, said Dunnhumby’s Ginu. As an organisation, they wanted to revamp their internal systems, so it’s like a mixture of both while opting for identity management by Auth0. “The authentication bit of who gets access to what is what we look forward to,” he added.

“The SDK and documentation provided by Auth0 were extremely helpful while setting up the documentation online. Besides, enterprise-level security integration was another level of satisfaction meted out by Auth0,” added Vipul. “Everything that you do on the console is API available, and that makes Auth0 a unique platform and one of the basic requirements we were seeking,” said Babu.

“We got Auth0 to integrate with our CRM systems/user store and till date, it talks to our user store for every authentication before connecting,” added Amol.

The webinar focused on the shift from a legacy application stack to a modern identity without impacting the customer experience, while balancing the security features of the organisation with a state-of-the-art approach.


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