A peek into the themes and tracks at the Brands of New India Mega Summit

Designed with the aim of powering India’s D2C ecosystem, YourStory will host the two-day virtual event on January 28-29, 2022.

In a move to accelerate the growth of India’s D2C economy, YourStory’s most anticipated property, Brands of New India, is all set to launch the first edition of its Mega Summit.

The Brands of New India Mega Summit will serve as the forum to hear directly from leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, enablers, and pioneers who are leading transformation in the D2C sector and paving the way for the future.

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To deep-dive into the unprecedented growth of the D2C segment, the Brands of New India will host multiple conversations for the audience to understand various aspects of the sector - factors and enablers that have helped the brands, growth trajectory, current and future trends, and more.

Here’s an overview on some of the themes around which the conversations will revolve.

Unicorns assemble … and so do the next league of D2C stars

The Brands of New India Mega Summit will see the founders and business leaders from the unicorns of the sector sharing stories, insights, and learnings for the future.

In addition to the D2C big guns, there are several high-potential, emerging brands who are putting their best foot forward to gain their share of the pie. The Brands of New India property aims to discover, showcase, and amplify these next league of superstars to help them take giant leaps into a brighter, sustainable future. The event will also see more than 100 emerging D2C brands sharing their stories and factors that are enabling them to unlock the next level of growth.

A shout-out to the category creators

The $100 billion D2C opportunity has also paved the way for experimentation, and many brands have emerged as category creators in their segments, giving the customers what they want. Register for the event to listen to some of D2C's most successful disruptors on what it takes to think out of box and build a sustainable business that customers love.

Customer experience for the win!

The event will have sessions exploring the importance of managing customer experiences in today’s times and the role of technology in improving CX. Brands need to revamp their services with the integration of IoT, new-age technology such as AI/ML, and research-backed innovations to meet the evolving demands of new-age customers. Moreover, a great experience can be a point of differentiation for a business. Understanding customers is the key to giving them good service which in turn results in strong customer relationships and new sales through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

The event will see business and tech leaders discuss all things CX - How are businesses leveraging data and analytics to know and understand their customers better, and build a holistic customer experience?

Customers, content, and commerce

With hyper-local commerce and hyper-personalised content, the D2C segment is moving towards the creator-led commerce which is fast becoming the modern version of retailing. With deeper digital penetration, 73 percent of India’s digital users consume video content in vernacular languages, but only 4 percent of the content created online is in regional languages. However, the Tier II market comprises 210 million video and mobile-first users, with a disposable income of $300 million. How can brands use video content and vernacular language to leverage a new user base in Tier II and III?

The event will feature sessions with the leading brands and experts in content and social commerce space sharing insights on surge in content creators, content consumption, and platforms that enable both creators and consumers; and what this surge means for the commerce industry?

Logistics powering D2C brands

The logistics industry is going through an unprecedented transformation, paving the way for innovation. A host of emerging technologies are shaping the future of logistics. Additionally, customers' expectations in terms of delivery are constantly changing. Today, the consumer wants their order to be delivered in a day. It is important to invest in advanced logistical infrastructure to keep up with these expectations.

The event will have discussions and chats on the role of cutting-edge technologies in logistics, key trends observed in tech that’s shaping up the sector, and more.


As the climate situation across the globe becomes more and more alarming with each passing year, building an environmentally aware business that considers its impact on society and environment is the need of the hour. Sustainability can be defined as providing for the present needs without compromising the needs of the future generations. As more businesses are embracing sustainability, the event will have some of the successful brands in this space discuss the essentials of building a sustainable business - current trends, gaps, and challenges companies face in creating strategies aligned with sustainability, growth, and profitability.

So join us on January 28-29, 2022 at Brands of New India Mega Summit to be a part of an immersive, inspiring, and unique experience with D2C startups, unicorns, policy discussions, masterclasses, and more.

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