Mandeep Singh believes that maintaining balance is the crux of life

Oriented towards divinity, the Chartered Accountant at Dalsons (India) & Delhi Aluminiums seeks closer proximity towards the Almighty.

Apart from watching television, Mandeep Singh loves to play cricket, hit the gym, and indulge in physical activities during his free time. Besides, he feels he cannot be designated as a morning or night person, rather can change based on requirement and situation. “If I ever have to put up with a long night of partying or something, I would love to do that. On the contrary, I can wake up early in the morning too. It's like working as per the situation,” adds Mandeep.

If given a chance to host celebrities for dinner, Mandeep took four names with a unique description for each. “One would be Virat Kohli because I am fond of cricket. Next would be Shahrukh Khan because I like his personality more than his acting. Thirdly, Kiara Advani since she is my wife’s favourite and by default is mine too. And, I think I can call Dhoni too, as he also has a lot of inputs. Can I add another name? I’d also love to call Elon Musk, as I think I can talk to him about Astrophysics due to my keen interest in the topic lately,” he adds.

Mandeep feels he is at an important threshold of his life currently. “It is important to be serious today towards our work and family, and perform our duties with utmost hard work, focus, and dedication. The rapid change in work dynamics are also keeping us on our toes every day. I also feel that as we mature with age, our perception towards life also keeps changing. Lastly, a person should not leave his passion, should devote a good time to his family, and also be equally dedicated towards his work,” he explains.

One lesser known fact about Mandeep is that he is oriented towards divinity, and seeks closer proximity towards the Almighty. “In my personal space, I feel alright to be closer to God. Even if I miss it sometimes owing to my busy schedule, I think I can achieve it, if I follow the path dedicatedly. I also feel that I can attain this path if I muster the courage to start walking on this path aggressively. Till then, I will wait for God to show me the direction,” adds Mandeep.


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