‘Come out of your comfort zone to look at new technologies’ – 25 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From insights to innovation, these quotes from the week of January 10-16 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world!

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Trading strategy platforms really are the next layer in retail investing, and there’s going to be a lot more growth there in the coming years. - Raghu Kumar, TradingRooms

The lack of flexibility is the main reason why financial institutions often fail in meeting the digital needs of new-age tech-savvy consumers. - Prakash Viswanathan, Gradatim IT Ventures

For small business owners, the technology that powers their digital banking platform should fade into the background. - Tyler McIntyre, Novo

The [startup] investment process happens completely offline. It's all happening in a very broken manner. - Karan Mehra, Tyke

Access to customisable credit for nano-entrepreneurs can unleash a growth wave for enterprises and the economy, and also enable some to graduate to small and medium enterprises. -  Geeta Goel, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation India

The future of the BFSI industry is highly focused on innovation and will be highly technology-driven. - Samit Arora, SalesPanda

The technology services market is 3.5x larger than the software industry, yet the sector has only attracted one-third of the amount of private equity capital, underscoring the opportunity for focused investors with a deep knowledge of the industry. - Francisco D’Souza, Recognize

Amidst the rising competition in the D2C market, data-driven decision-making is the key to D2C success. - Mangesh Panditrao, Shoptimize

Whether it is mobile internet, broadband connectivity or physical connectivity, aspirations of villages are rising and rural and semi-urban areas are waiting for a new wave of expansion. - PM Modi

With tech-enabled job matches, flexible working, more power to negotiate wages, and greater transparency in payments, the gig economy works very well for the employees. - Ajoy Thomas, TeamLease Services

Ironically, [the SME sector] is one of the fastest-growing sectors but is largely underserved globally, in particular in emerging markets. - Gaurav Anand, Namaste Credit

The heavy equipment market has hitherto been untouched by digital technologies and is ripe for disruption. - Ravi Anand Rao, YantraLive

The global virtual events market size is expected to be valued at $504.76 billion by 2028. - Nishchal Dua, Airmeet

2022 will also see small and local brands developing as a wing of the creator economy as content creators will help in better branding of the local businesses, and thus reach as many people as possible. - Simran Balar Jain, Pulpkeys

While all other professions have a platform where people can build their resumes, the film industry and creator talent doesn’t have anything like that. - Rakul Preet Singh, Starring You

Short format content is the undisputed video format of choice for millennials and GenZ, representing the hottest growth category in digital media as of 2021. - Rahul Khanna, Barcode Entertainment

Creativity through content is the key factor that drives startups or major companies. - Ankit Kushwah, Egniter

Gamers have been early adopters of technologies and this has created some of the most innovative and immersive consumer products globally. - Pooja Dubey, Turnip

The last two years have witnessed the rise of online education as a connecting bridge to access flexible and quality education for students as well as working professionals. - Mayank Kumar, IAMAI Edtech Committee

While [edtech] business growth is critical, so is consumer protection, since this will allow students and parents to make more informed decisions about the future. - Vamsi Krishna, Vedantu

Businesses - small and large - can improve their productivity as well as the affordability of their products and services by building tech intensity. - Satya Nadella, Microsoft

AI-driven chatbot has witnessed an upsurge in demand as it helps businesses to grow and function holistically. - Vinay Bansal, Inflection Point Ventures

Emerging tech adoption is necessary to secure the future in a volatile business environment. - Sid Pandey, Successive Technologies

Do not have an affinity to just one technology, come out of your comfort zone to look at new technologies and experiment with different solutions. - Ashish Anantharaman, ZestMoney

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