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If necessity is the mother of invention, comfort is its enemy. - Patricia Stokes

Just as the artist’s clothes are splattered with paint, the life of the bold mind is inevitably littered with failure. - Scott Cochrane, ‘Your Creative Mind’

Failure is the way to be innovative and successful. You can fail with pride. - Gopi Kallayil, Google

Progressive companies are looking at extending their ESOP pools to cover a larger number of employees across grades. Also, we see an increasing number of startup founders topping up the pool with subsequent rounds of funding. - Lakshman Gupta Kanamarlapudi, Qapita

Any business requires patience, resilience, hard work, and teamwork to make it happen! No matter what happens, never give up and just keep going. No one is going to believe in you like you do. - Samhitha Inturi, 3AM

India always had engineering talent. The country is now building product talent. In the next few years, India is going to start building on the go-to-market talent. - Dhruvil Sanghvi, LogiNext

India has been at the forefront of cloud adoption, which has been accelerated with high-speed internet availability, shrinking data costs, government’s support in embracing the latest technologies, and the emerging digital natives that are opting for convenience and simplicity. - Shivir Chordia, Microsoft

India is one of the most rapidly growing toy markets in the world, and the industry is predicted to grow to $2-3 billion by 2024. - Vick Rana, Red Ridge Global

In India, most SMEs require some hand-holding to come on the digital SaaS platform. That’s how the B2B landscape will evolve from a service to SaaS. - Rahul Sharma, Zetwerk

Gene editing allows important manipulations in plant species that result in higher and nutrient-rich yields, as well as improved and sustainable future species. - Shivendra Bajaj, Federation of Seed Industry of India

To help children - normal or specially-abled - be comfortable and confident with their own bodies and identities, many toy companies have come out with products that are inclusive of different races, genders, ages, sizes, and physical appearances. - Vick Rana, Red Ridge Global

Although the spirits are dampened by the looming threat of Omicron, nevertheless certain habits can be adopted to make you feel better and help you stay healthier. - Sweta Choudhary, Nightingales

Learning is the process of a healthy mental state. Adore things around. Don't stay stagnant, think and visualise more to exercise your creativity. - Sujata Sah Sejekan, MayinArt

It is a play of thinking of the mind and execution of the hand. Art takes time to invent our inner soul. - Subir Dey, MayinArt

Art is the manifestation of anxious feelings, troubled minds and souls that are visualised in the form of works without leaving aesthetic values. - Wage ES, MayinArt

Make art a part of yourself that continues to grow and develop. If we love our works, they will love us back. - Yurnalis Bes, MayinArt

Every creation, small or big, trivial or extraordinary, has its own essence, beauty, and energy. In the eyes of an artist, all creation is a creation of the divine itself. - Raadhaa SG

Explore various mediums in the art field before focusing on the one you love. Try to learn from the best people in the field of art and you will surely excel. - Hemanth Vamanshankar

India has over 300 million children in this age bracket (9 years-15 years). And over 90 percent of schools in the country are singularly focused on the academic development of the child and lack an Experiential Learning ecosystem. - Kapish Saraf, KidEx

Women are not very comfortable with their (often judgemental) gynaecologists and need someone trustworthy and comfortable to open up – and that is where we feel femtech startups can fill a gap. - Surabhi Purwar, Titan Capital

People dispose of the reusable items randomly or just throw them away. Close to 85 percent of it goes to landfills even though 45 percent is reusable. - Anushka Jain, Share at Door Step

There are over 60 million firms registered in the country, the majority of which are underinsured. So, we have some ground to cover. - Kapil Mehta, SecureNow

In the US, for example, more than one-third of their GDP is secured. We are at a measly 3.5 percent. If you want to increase insurance penetration in India, technology can play a big role. - Piyush Ranjan, Coverfox Insurance

In Tier II and III cities, people want to build houses and they have the monetary bandwidth to do so. But due to a lack of contacts in trained architects or engineers, they end up working with traditional contractors, who mostly modify existing designs and provide something that is not always architecturally sustainable. - Husain Johar, MakeMyHouse

Another key trend would be going digital in vernacular because the next 300+ million people [workforce and customers] will come from tier II and III regions. - Ankur Warikoo

In general, people in India have this perception that capital markets and investments are complex and need a lot of advanced techniques. They have no clue where to start and whom to follow. - Dipankar Biswas, FlipItNews

Facial matching and liveness detection services, the backbone of video KYC, are now being considered by the majority of the fintech/BFSI industries as the simplest tools for customer identification. - Siddharth Kukatlapalli, Syntizen

Farmers don’t get the right pricing for their produce due to the middlemen. - Shyam Prashad Rajasekaran, Veg Route

Since there are only a few cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, etc., which offer the right business environment and market for craft beers, the market is getting crowded gradually. - Prasanna Kumar, Brew & Barbeque

It will be exciting to witness the next 500 million internet users carving out their niche using social media platforms. Welcome to the passion economy! - Anshu Budhraja, Amway India Enterprises

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