Eyeing U.S and European markets, Keka gets ready to disrupt the global HR industry with its innovative solutions

Keka is enabling over 4,800 startups and SMEs to scale by leveraging automation to manage their talent. The company is now eyeing global expansion and will be venturing into U.S and European markets.

When the COVID-19 pandemic dashed plans of businesses across the country in 2020, the Indian startup ecosystem emerged as a force to reckon with by innovating at scale. Powered by talented and hard-working teams, these startups pivoted overnight to build state-of-the-art solutions that could meet an evolving customer demand.

In tandem with the rise of the startup ecosystem, the hiring scene in India is also witnessing new developments, especially when it comes to recruiting tech talent. For instance, the Indian IT sector has seen its highest number of active job openings since March 2020 due to the large-scale 'digitisation and virtualisation of enterprises' amidst the pandemic.

The large-scale hiring across the startup sector has led many budding startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to rope in tech-based human resources management solutions like Keka. It’s a B2B human resource management system that enables companies to automate their HR process and focus exclusively on grooming and supporting their employees. The SaaS-based platform enables startups and SMEs to scale and adapt to challenging business conditions effectively by leveraging automation to manage their talent.

Leveraging technology for talent management and acquisition

Established in 2015, the company was founded by Vijay Yalamanchili and Sashi Pagadala in Hyderabad. The two founders decided to launch a SaaS-based HRMS company after noticing how poor user experiences and legacy interfaces were crippling HR management in India.

Over six years later, the company has emerged as an industry leader in the SME HRtech space with its unique solutions that can be customised according to the requirements of various industries.

From automating payroll systems and building digitally connected workplaces to creating a digitised hiring and onboarding platform, Keka is a one-stop solution for automated HR services that help boost long-term business growth and promote seamless user experiences. These solutions are disrupting sectors like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, banking, financial services, retail and technology, among others.

After transforming India's SME HRtech space with its cutting-edge offerings, Keka is now all set to venture into international markets and is eyeing global expansion. The HRtech company is already making strides in Gulf countries like the United Arab Emirates. The team believes that the current business landscape is an opportune time for the company to expand globally and its solutions have the potential to drive impact internationally.

Eyeing global milestones

Talking in depth about the company's global plans, Barun Mallik, Lead-Marketing Strategy & Operations, Keka said, “Our team has enabled this through an array of updates and advancements. We hope that this global expansion move will help increase our wingspan.” Though the requirement for HRTech solutions is steadily rising across the world, the company plans to venture in to U.S and European markets for now.

Barun also said that Keka aims to expand geographically in a phased manner.

Keka's current clientele includes over 4,800 companies spanning 30 countries. It aims to double the figure by 2024 and ramp up its international clientele by 30-40 percent.

Deep-diving about the challenges that the task might entail, Barun says, “We are aware that we will have to face several challenges. We are actively looking at solving them come what may because we are confident of our team’s caliber. Our team is our strength and we look forward to leveraging its talent. We are also welcoming partners to get connected with Keka and join us in our growth journey.”


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