Wellversed’s vision to make wellness accessible to all

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Daily Dispatch powered by HSBC, Aanan Khurma, Co-founder and CEO, Wellversed talks about the company’s journey in the wellness place and discusses roadmaps for the future.

Wellversed, which is a Gurgaon-based wellness brand, was founded in 2018 and has been providing specific products to help people on their wellness journey. In 2020, Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh invested an undisclosed amount in Wellversed.

Speaking about the company’s story, Aanan Khurma, Co-founder and CEO, Wellversed says that the company has been in the wellness business for the past five to six years, and their vision is to make wellness accessible to all the people. “Wellness has been confined to elites or a very narrow segment, so we are trying to make wellness accessible to other people,” he says. They are differentiating themselves from the other players in the ecosystem by making the transition to wellness as easy as possible for the customers.

Yuvraj Singh with Team Wellversed

Speaking about the metrics, he shares that at Wellversed, they have been seeing growth across several dietary regimes.

“We are present now across 8-9 dietary regimes, and ketogenic and diabetes were the categories that we started earlier in 2018 so obviously there is an uptake for those products,” he says.

Apart from that, they have noticed a rapid uptake in categories such as intermittent fasting, vegan diet and gluten-free, he added.

Aanan mentions that the company’s goal for the year 2022 would be to stick to the 9-10 already existing dietary regimes, and not launch SKUs for the sake of it. However, Wellversed aims to specifically launch products to facilitate a gluten-free diet, and product consolidation will be an area of focus for the company this year. “We are already seeing great tailwinds, we saw it in 2021 and again with this lockdown, people are going more towards a wellness lifestyle so we are seeing huge tailwinds here,” he says.

In 2021, Jubilant FoodWorks led a strategic investment in Wellversed worth Rs 11 crore. Speaking about the collaboration, he says that it is a strategic partnership which gives Wellversed insights into building a profitable business. “It’s not just about creating brands that have a larger reach but brands that are profitable,” he says. The company is also planning to tap into the huge offline distribution channel of Jubilant and leverage that network.

He shares that this wellness platform is a marketplace to facilitate the transition of dietary regimes and thus their focus will be on creating a holistic platform where users can find all the products to facilitate dietary transition. “Around 40-50 percent of the products are from third parties whereas 50 percent of the products are owned by us,” he says. He expects that from 2021 to 2022, there will be a 100 percent growth in the company in terms of revenue.

Lastly, commenting on the fundraising scenario, Aanan says that they are already in talks with certain investors and are planning to close a round in the future.

Edited by Anju Narayanan


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