YourStory’s Future of Work 2022 event set to bring together the best minds in tech, product, design

Slated for Feb 25-26, the Future of Work 2022 conference brings together cutting-edge discussions across product, tech and design on a single platform. The two-day event will feature some of the biggest and best names in the industry, across panel discussions, masterclasses and keynote features.

As we rev up for 2022 and crystal gaze into how the year is likely to shape up, we’re excited to announce the fifth edition of Future of Work 2022 — a two-day virtual conference by YourStory that brings together the best minds in technology, product, and design, with the aim to drive decisive, actionable insights and connections and equip organisations and leaders to better predict and prepare for the future.

Scheduled to take place on February 25-26, 2022, YourStory’s Future of Work conference will explore themes such as:

  • The evolution of hybrid workplaces and how they can be set up to bridge the divide between employees across national boundaries
  • Hiring tech talent and providing skilling opportunities so businesses are future-ready
  • Exploring deeper, more intelligent human-machine collaborations by deploying new technologies
  • Understanding and redefining the new gig economy after its maturation last year
  • Decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) and how they’re going to change the face of business
  • What global Indian tech and product leaders are prioritising in 2022
  • Women in tech and why their involvement is more than a necessity now


YourStory’s Future of Work event has, historically, been an industry-defining event that shapes the thinking of not just budding entrepreneurs and startup founders, but also well-established designers, technologists, innovators, product managers and brand identity creators.

At the core of our Future of Work conference lies YourStory’s guiding principles -- creating meaningful transformation through conversations, connections and collaborations that empower and enable the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, technologists, product managers and designers.

Key initiatives to watch for at Future of Work 2022

The Future of Work 2022 conference will feature several key initiatives including:

  • Recognising 30 Emerging CTOs of India who are pushing the boundaries of how technology can serve humans;
  • Felicitating the Top 30 chief product officers in India who’ve changed the face of legacy products and built innovative offerings;
  • Reverse job fairs;
  • Masterclasses and technical workshops for attendees;
  • Strategic conversations around how product, tech and design is taking on a more humanistic, activistic persona in this new age of socially conscientious asks by consumers

Over the last four editions of the Future of Work event, we’ve reached over 100 million people in tech-product-design, hosted over 2,000 attendees per day, across 20+ masterclasses, 5+ tracks, and 50+ sessions.

Our 60+ guest speakers in the past have included the likes of Amod Malviya Co-founder of Udaan; Mukesh Bansal Co-founder & CEO of; Pramod Varma, chief architect of Aadhar; Amitabh Misra Vice President at Adobe; Rahul Chari, Founder & CTO of PhonePe; and Sidu Ponnappa, former SVP Engineering at Gojek, among many others.

Edited by Tenzin Pema