Draup’s Big Data team exemplifies the company’s culture of employee ownership

The AI-based, data-driven SaaS platform, Draup is building a culture where employees are empowered to take ownership of their work, upskill and innovate to perform to the best of their abilities.

Organisations invest in data analytics to meet today’s business needs as data driven decision making can lead to higher ROI and better business performance.

The AI-based, data-driven SaaS platform, Draup believes in delivering swift results to all its stakeholders. The company’s big data team ensures that the most recent and relevant data is available to clients in an efficient and timely manner. They work on making the platform maintainable, scalable and robust to provide an interactive experience to their clients.

The work culture at Draup enables a healthy environment for the team to innovate and work to the best of their abilities. Chandan Kumar, Nikhil Nair, and Prabal Sharma, key members of the Big Data team, share how the startup is helping them take end-end ownership of projects.

Enabling data-driven decision making

Chandan Kumar, a Data Architect who has been with Draup for the last four years says, “We as a team, work with various cross-functional teams such as product managers, designers, researchers, software engineers, data scientists, and other roles to provide them with data to analyse, interpret and present in various forms on the platform, research reports, tailored insights as well as to develop machine learning models, statistical models and algorithms.”

Playing a central role in building the platform, the team allows corporate leaders to take important business decisions by leveraging the power of data and analytics. From handling data collection processes to data transformations and deploying machine learning models, the team uses state-of-the-art tech to provide access to influencing business insights.

“As the company scales, the opportunity grows for the team to influence business decisions by providing better access to information and insights. Draup has enhanced our capabilities to deal with higher-level domain challenges and work on solutions best for both the world of business and tech,” adds Chandan.

End-to-end ownership of projects

Nikhil Nair who is a Software Development Engineer at Draup loves taking complete responsibility of his work. “Draup has empowered me by trusting me with ownership of projects. From design to implementation, I have worked in all stages of the projects. This allows me to learn newer technologies and grow as a leader,” says Nikhil

“The work culture at Draup is transparent with a flat hierarchy, ensuring everyone is approachable. The constant drive to improve and build our processes has enabled me to deeply understand the field and gain expertise,” he adds.

Reiterating the same, Prabal Sharma who has also been working as a Software Development Engineer at the company for three years, says, “Our company promotes taking complete end to end ownership of your projects, and this has helped me grow as a professional. I now know how to plan and design my project when given a problem statement, besides exploring newer technologies trending in the industry.”

Ensuring upskilling with ever-changing tech trends

With ever-evolving tech trends, domain experts need to stay updated. Draup makes room for the same by providing its employees with the right environment and the resources to constantly learn and upskill.

Describing the family-like culture at Draup, Nikhil says, “The team is close-knit with a sense of camaraderie. The trust and responsibilities that the leadership puts in the employees have allowed us to explore, learn and develop leadership skills.”

For Chandan, there is nothing better than an environment where a company can trust its employees to take complete ownership of a project. “There is a blend of creativity and a strong engineering culture which appeals to the whole team. These include regular one-on-one meetings with the team, creating learning plans, technical talks, fun activities and continuous encouragement to experiment. We enable the team members to lean into freedom and responsibility and allow them to push the boundaries of knowledge,” he adds.

Fun and work go hand in hand

Life at Draup is as much about fun, games and party as it is about work. “There are team outings at regular intervals. There are fun and casual events where the team gets together to play, party and spend quality time engaging with each other across departments. These events range from outdoor activities in resorts to sports tournaments.” says Nikhil.

“Apart from office parties and team outings, we have regular hackathon events, weekly tech talks to get a grip on interesting projects other teams are working on,” shares Prabal.

The big data team at Draup has grown exponentially and is only going to get bigger and better towards solving various data challenges for corporates. The startup plans to expand the team to work and build frameworks that can be used across data engineering teams.


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