‘Every brand that cares is going sustainable’– 20 quotes of the week on entrepreneurship and leadership

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Entrepreneurship is an embodiment of courage, perseverance, risk-taking, leadership, passion, hardship, and failure before attaining the elusive milestone of success. - Cynthia S Srinivas, HPE

Founder time is the most precious commodity in our world, and we want to be very respectful of that so we can provide teams with as much forward momentum as possible. - Nilesh Balakrishnan, WaterBridge Ventures

Even if you are not investing, there’s no need to be harsh. The person hearing those words will never forget what you said. - Ghazal Alagh, Mamaearth

Stop labelling and judging, have a more accepting support system for women. - Namita Thapar, Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Once people build a familiarity with investments, they build a habit to invest more. - Nishchay AG, Jar

When you think about growing people, it's not about how you get them promoted, it's about helping them discover their strengths and investing in their growth, and that'll help them succeed in any company. - Sonia Parandekar, Atlassian

To develop a smaller bike with sophisticated engineering is much more difficult than the regular ones. - Jithu Sukumaran Nair, VAAN Electric Moto

The research done in academics is often path breaking but very difficult to translate into commercial research, and monetise. - Maharukh T Rustomjee, Amaterasu Life Sciences

There’s a lot to be done to help students find their true passion and make the right career choices. - Neeraj Agarwal, Insciple

In today’s world, kids can be anything. They don’t need to be just doctors and engineers. - Saurabh Saxena, Uable

Caricatures represent a particularly difficult and creative type of cartoons. - VG Narendra, Indian Institute of Cartoonists

Mistakes help us see things differently. However, we have to see mistakes differently first. - Prashant Desai, 'The Biography of a Failed Venture'

Never fall in love with your prototype. - Michael Lewrick, Patrick Link and Larry Leifer, 'The Design Thinking Playbook'

You want to separate out failure due to being bold and taking something that’s inherently risky versus failure due to just poor execution. - Srinivas Narayanan, ex-Facebook

GTM playbooks can be very effectively used to narrow down the choices and help choose the best option. - Abhishek Goyal, Tracxn

Retention is no more an option. It is the only way to preserve potential users and climb the revenue ladder. - Avlesh Singh, WebEngage

The predictability of a subscription business model is extremely attractive. - Tejeshwi Sharma, Sequoia India

Identify the user, what a day in their life looks like, and the challenges they face. If you get this inaccurate, it could cost you more years to reach the final destination. - Manish Jethani, Hevo Data

Every brand that cares is going sustainable. - Anjana Pasi, MiniKlub

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Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti