These life lessons will help get your week started the right way

India's unicorn founders and investors have some of the best (and sometimes funniest!) quotes to get you ready for the week.

As we start a new week, here are some of the best quotes from India's top founders and investors to get you started!

Small steps towards larger changes

Sumeet Yashpal Mehta, Founder of LEAD School, one of India's 2022 unicorns, had an incredible response to the latest fund raise.

Mehta and the DealShare leadership team were able to offer liquidation of ESOPs to their early employees as a result of the raise, and Mehta wrote an entire Twitter thread about how this was a not only a great step for the company and the employees, but hopefully for the entire nation!

Speaking about how he hopes this move will help make a few crorepatis within LEAD's early employees, Mehta said "these good people will do good things with the money they earn. This virtuous cycle might be our biggest contribution to nation building".

LEAD School was built to change the country through education, but even Mehta is realising that any large change comes with small steps. One doesn't need to build a unicorn to change the world, you just need to remember it takes time!

Make those small changes by looking for insights

Kunal Shah, CEO and Founder, Cred, recently tweeted something he had seen in the most consistently successful people he had met, from entrepreneurs to standup comedians. You need to develop an "extraordinary ability to distill insights", according to Shah.

Otherwise you risk becoming a "one trick pony or just a hyper experimenting monkey." Without learning to learn from your past actions, you can't grow.

No matter what, we can always try to think for ourselves

Amod Malviya, Founder of Udaan, had a similar thought to Shah about thinking for yourself. However, he put it in a different context.

Life can often feel like we are losing control, especially during this pandemic, but the one aspect that no one can take away is our ability to "think for ourselves". According to Malviya, this is our last personal freedom that no one can take from us, and one that we should guard closely.

It's okay to not be an expert in everything!

Ritesh Banglani, on the investment team at Stellaris Venture Partners, has a humorous take on how everyone seems like an expert on everything on the Internet.

Discussing the recent crisis in Ukraine, Banglani talks about how he was preparing his detailed critique of the situation, before realising that he couldn't even understand why his son and best friend were in a fight. Clearly, he made the right choice to put the "pivot to foreign policy analyst on hold for now"!

Edited by Teja Lele Desai


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