‘Platform business models are stabilising and proliferating’ – 20 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From products to platforms, these quotes from the week of January 24-30 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world!

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Consumer trust in fintechs is hard to earn and easy to lose. - Varun Malhotra, Quona Capital

Fintechs and the government need to come together to focus on financial inclusion and bridge existing gaps. - Nikhil Sahni, Mastercard

The fintech for teens space has grown rapidly in recent years, highlighting the need for innovation and technology adoption to make financial literacy more accessible to teens. - Vishwajit Pureti, Pencilton

Neobanks also paved the way for financial inclusion and have proved to become the next big thing in the banking industry. - Kapil Banwari, Fyp

The creators are often treated as virtual billboards, but with the commoditization of business infrastructure, any creator can transform their audience into a scalable empire. - Ashwarya Garg, HYPD Stores

The year 2022 will be one when companies present gamers with an experience - the only thing that they need to worry about is the result, not if the outcome was rigged. - Sunil Yadav, PlayerzPot Media

Esport tournaments usually consist of amateur or professional gamers competing against one another for a cash prize. Pro gamers who play at this level know the games inside out. - Richa Singh, FanClash

Gone are the days when someone just used to hold a product and put a selfie with it. Audiences are quite smart nowadays. - Neel Gogia, IPLIX Media

Crypto, Web3 applications, and decentralised applications, [all] have been only targeting one of the niches — crypto savvy users. - Aniket Jindal, Biconomy

Just the way billions of people were onboarded onto the internet in the last decade, billions of users will be onboarded onto web3.0 in the next few years. - Aakash Kapoor, Sequoia India

By 2030, 60 percent of the skills required to perform enterprise roles will be different, making ‘skills’ the new currency for staying relevant and competitive. - Sujit Karpe, iMocha

A good part of business operations can be managed quite easily through tech and as a result, the whole focus of a business owner can be on growth, efficiency and profitability. - Shubham Agrawal, Vyapar

Investing behind technology to manage talent has become inevitable for organisational success. - Jessica Neal, TCV

From finding hidden gems who expressed interest in the company and attracting people who were not responsive to previous outreaches to making the hiring process more inclusive, AI can help both companies and employees. - Ashutosh Garg, eightfold.ai

With the ever-evolving landscape and threats coming in various shapes and forms; the dire need for organisations to invest in creating cyber awareness is the key. - Kunal Bajaj, eSec Forte Technologies

Organisations must work towards fostering privacy hygiene amongst their employees by sensitising them about important data security practices. - Sumit Srivastava, CyberArk

With digital health setups such as phygital centres, online appointments, online booking for diagnostic tests and blood tests, and the availability of home delivery of medication, the reach of healthcare in regional areas is no longer an issue. - Nimith Agrawal, DoctCo

Data lies at the foundation of the entire digital ecosystem. - Debayan Gupta, Ashoka University

Object storage has been the primary storage of the public cloud and with the adoption of Kubernetes, has become the primary storage for the private cloud and edge as well. - Jishnu Bhattacharjee, Nexus Venture Partners

Platform business models are stabilising and proliferating, building on omnipresent connectivity and information access, creating massively networked ecosystems of customers, suppliers, and market enablers. - Anand Sri Ganesh, NSRCEL

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