Zakir Khan, Hoezaay, MissMalini, Ritviz and more: Everyone you can catch on Day 2 of Creators Inc

We came away from Day 1 of the Creators Inc buzzing with serotonin and high on morale, as well as excited for everything Day 2 will bring with it. Catch some of the industry’s biggest names, only at YourStory’s Creators Inc 2022.

After an electrifying first day at the Creators Inc. Conference, a YourStory event that brings together various stakeholders of the content creation ecosystem, we’re all geared up and raring to go for a blockbuster day two.

We begin the day with Zakir Khan, the poet, actor, comedian and philosopher with a silver tongue who one can never get enough of just because of the sheer brilliance of his brain and the way he articulates his thought. A sitarist and satirist in equal measure, Zakir will talk to YourStory Founder and CEO, Shradha Sharma, about the story of his life —  all of its ups and downs — the content creator space in India, and what about his job gets him out of the bed.

From one musician to another, Indian internet’s first musical find, Ritviz, will take the stage next, and in an interesting ‘jugalbandi’ with YourStory’s Aishik Purkait, talk to us about cutting his teeth in Indian music, what his challenges have been, and what it takes to get Indians dancing to his tune. An eclectic mix of catchy beats, beautiful visuals, and feelings, Ritviz’s music has created its own, unique space in the Indian music scene and resonated with millennials and the older generation, alike.

Entrepreneur, angel investor and co-founder of The Good Glamm Group, Priyanka Gill will focus on the most important part of the creators ecosystem —  the community.

Speaking from the perspective of one of the many new-age brands that tap content creators to promote and showcase their products, Priyanka will shed some much-needed light on how content and commerce work in conjunction with each other, and how brands can leverage influencers’ community to not only sell products, but also get an on-the-ground understanding of how consumers’ sensibilities are changing.

The OG RJ of Mumbai’s Radio One and one of India’s most recognised TV personality, Malini Agarwal, aka MissMalini next chats with YourStory’s Ramarko Sengupta about how the content creation industry has evolved in the last decade, how creators can build relativity with their audiences, and what the Good Glamm acquisition of the MissMalini website means for the business.

From RJ to RJ and VJ, we speak with Jose Cavaco, aka Hoezaay, next, whose misheard lyric videos (like ‘Agar tum Ninja ho’ instead of ‘Agar tum mil jao, zamaana chod denge hum’) are enough to make anyone burst into peals of laughter. Hoezaay talks about his journey from being a TV video jockey to an online influencer, and why the entire world is basically up for grabs for anyone aspiring to become a creator.

Podcaster, YouTuber and Instagrammer who started his Ghost Stories series on YouTube after a live stream during one of the lockdowns one day will also talk about the divide between paid partnerships and sponsored content and why it’s important to maintain that authenticity while choosing brands to partner with.

Look forward also to a number of ‘chai pe charchas’ with creators around India’s fashion business, the rise of ‘content-preneurs’, and creating content in regional languages.

Buckle in —  we hope to see you tomorrow!

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