MeitY's digital document storage service DigiLocker crosses 100 million users

The portal provides access to authentic digital documents including the likes of PAN verification record, Aadhar card, ration and many more.

DigiLocker, a Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) initiative, has crossed 100 million users. The portal provides access to authentic digital documents including PAN verification records, Aadhar, ration card, and many more. It has 101.10 million users, and has issued 4.94 billion documents across 568 document types.

Launched six years ago, DigiLocker aims to create a paperless governance ecosystem, thereby minimising the need for physical documents and enabling easy submission.

In an earlier interview with YourStory, Amit Ranjan, DigiLocker's chief architect, highlighted that given its dependency (to have issuers on board to store digital documents), DigiLocker is different from the other layers of IndiaStack like eSign or UPI.

"Imagine yourself designing a city's transportation system. You'll need the vehicles (platform), fuel, and highways. Translating this into DigiLocker's terms, the platform is the product and the API, the fuel is the digitised documents, and the highway is the ecosystem that is being built. Now, the question was what should be built first and our bet has been to work on both fuel and cars. But the bigger entry barrier is with fuel as people may not even have documents (digitisation is the next step for them)"

At present, DigiLocker has 1,783 issuers and 359 requesters.

Edited by Kanishk Singh


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