Learn how to trade like a pro on the second episode of 'Trading with HDFC Securities Ke Fayde'

In the second episode of ‘Trading with HDFC Securities Ke Fayde’, Vidit Jain, Head - Equity Products, HDFC Securities talks about the ‘Trade like a Pro’ bucket and how it is helping users trading in equities smartly and conveniently.

The growing appetite for equities in India has gotten millions of young Indians interested in stock trading. Trading platforms have become popular amongst students and homemakers. According to reports from the country's two main depositories, new investor accounts rose by 3.39 million in January 2022.

Trading equities is profitable if one has access to the right tools and well-researched trading strategies. Through Fayde Ke Features, HDFC Securities is protecting investors and equipping them with the right tools to make the most of the markets and limit their losses.

Trade with confidence

In the second episode, Vidit Jain, Head - Equity Products, HDFC Securities shares insights about the ‘Trade like a pro’ feature that encourages investors to invest wisely and work towards financial freedom. By democratising trading and aiding in investment decisions, this feature is empowering customers who have limited investment experience.

The episode covers:

1. Usage of ‘Trade like a pro’ feature

2. Good Till Date facility, HDFC Securities

3. Release transfer functionality for HDFC customers

4. Hold release transfer functionality

5. Economic recovery post Omicron

6. 2022 outlook

If you're looking to make smarter decisions while trading, watch the second episode of ‘Trading with HDFC Ke Fayde’ here.


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