The MBA-dropout who built a multi-million dollar tea business

Prafull Billore started MBA Chaiwala in 2017 in pursuit of his dream to be a ‘big businessman’. But, despite having no passion for tea, he built a successful Rs 4 crore turnover business. Find out how.

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Since childhood, Prafull Billore saw his family going through tough times, struggling financially. He always dreamt of becoming a 'big man' so that he could live comfortably and provide for his family. 

But he had to take the road less travelled as he couldn't clear the Common Admission Test (CAT) entrance exam, and settled for an MBA from Ahmedabad University. 

But, his dream of becoming ‘big’ still hadn't vanished. So, he quit his job, used all his savings of Rs 8,000, and started a tea stall named MBA Chaiwala. The goal was to serve people an affordable cup of tea.

However, Prafull isn't particularly fond of tea.

“If anyone asks me to make chai today, I won’t. I don’t like it. I was struggling when I was making tea on the street but now I am focusing on expanding my business,” he tells SMBStory

Fast forward five years, the 25-year-old is now a multi-millionaire entrepreneur running a Rs 4 crore turnover business with 50 outlets pan India.

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