Super Shippers by Pickrr - Discussing the role of logistics enablers in the D2C success story

Pickrr, in association with YourStory, launches an all new interview series ‘Super Shippers’, with the first episode spotlighting Pickrr’s growth journey, the evolution of logistics, innovation and more.

In the last few years, consumers' inclination towards making a purchase directly from brands have given rise to the D2C boom in India. This has led to the emergence of brands from lesser-known parts of the country competing with e-commerce giants and extraordinary growth in the ecosystem.

One of the key reasons for growth has been the role of logistics enablers. As the brand grows, it becomes imperative to effectively manage logistical operations to avoid any cost escalations. Hence, brands must partner with a logistic solution provider with expertise in end to end supply chain management.

Super Shippers by Pickrr

Today, as D2C companies power their next phase of growth, India’s leading logistical-tech platform Pickrr is presenting its all-new video series ‘Super Shippers’, featuring D2C founders and industry stalwarts engaging in insightful conversations, sharing growth journeys and significant lessons from their experience.

In the next few months, Pickrr in association with YourStory will bring to you inspiring stories of D2C brands which will also deep dive into the importance of logistical partners in aiding the business growth journeys for these brands.

Experts believe that delivery is the most crucial part of any brand’s success journey. The better the delivery experience, the closer a brand is to achieving customer satisfaction. There has been a significant evolution in this space and the focus is now on trends like quick commerce which means catering to the needs of single day delivery.

Logistics-tech startups like Pickrr are increasingly working in the direction of introducing quick delivery services for brands to provide a seamless and hyper-personalised consumer experience.

Tune in to the first episode …

The first episode in the video series titled ‘An inside look into Pickrr’s journey of helping D2C brands scale’ took place on March 3rd, 2022

The episode features Gaurav Mangla, CEO and Co-founder, Pickrr in conversation with Shradha Sharma of YourStory to discuss the evolution of the logistics sector, how Pickrr is helping D2C brands with smart, simple and innovative solutions, future trends in the sector and more.

The conversation revolves around

  • Pickrr’s journey to becoming a favourite logistical/shipping partner
  • The thought process behind building innovative and simple solutions
  • How can businesses scale by focusing on logistics and customer experience
  • How is Pickrr reimagining the logistical sector

And more ..

The upcoming episodes will feature founders of the most successful D2C brands to discuss the rise of the D2C ecosystem, leveraging logistical-tech services, future trends etc..


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