How Fastrr will transform the checkout experience for e-commerce brands and modern shoppers

With advanced features like delivery logistics integration, secure payments flow, RTO prediction capabilities, and advanced analytics, Pickrr-powered Fastrr one-click checkout is a revolution in every way.

As online shopping becomes the norm post-COVID, several companies are increasingly offering innovative solutions that can ease the journey for both e-commerce brands and their shoppers. One such name is Pickrr, which was founded by Indian School of Business graduate Rhitiman Majumder, and IIT graduates Gaurav Mangla and Ankit Kaushik.

Delhi-based Pickrr provides an AI-enabled and SaaS based platform that integrates multiple channels and automates shipping for businesses. This provides companies with a seamless delivery solution supported by data, and also maintains customer relations as soon as someone places an order. Further, with the surge in D2C brands, there is a greater demand for last-mile delivery partners.

While everything is often taken care of, the checkout experience is largely neglected by e-commerce brands. The speed of transactions, the ease of use as well as its efficiency are all essential to enhance the e-commerce experience for the customer, especially in the case of D2C brands. Enter Pickrr’s Fastrr Checkout, a next-generation checkout that serves the new-age needs of the modern shopper.

One-click checkouts for D2C brands

After mastering the D2C space by serving 100M+ shipped orders across 29K+ delivery pincodes for over six years, Pickrr understands the challenges that D2C businesses face today, including high cart dropouts, high cash on delivery (COD) to prepaid mix, high Return to Origin (RTO) losses, customer churn, amongst others. With extensive experience in this space, Pickrr has also built rich intelligence on shopper behaviour and their expectations.

Fastrr, powered by Pickrr, addresses these pain points to boost a D2C business’s gross merchandise value and profitability. In a nutshell, it also enhances the shopper's overall e-commerce experience by making their checkout flow frictionless. With its advanced features like delivery logistics integration, secure payments flow, RTO prediction capabilities, and advanced analytics, the Fastrr one-click checkout is a revolution in every way.

It is a simple, fast, and secure checkout, which reduces the hassle of creating accounts, and filling long forms for a shopper. It also offers additional features that enhance a shopper’s experience at that D2C website, shares Gaurav Mangla, Co-founder and CEO, Pickrr.

How Fastrr boosts checkout

Although there are several checkout services available today, Fastrr is the most efficient one-click checkout service that can enable a seller to boost their business revenue month-on-month.

Fastrr’s advanced AI/ML model consolidates 100+ data points and 100M+ data sets across the end-to-end customer journey to bring the most advanced RTO prediction. It is the only checkout service that provides delivery logistics integration, secure payments integration, and advanced analytics to a D2C e-commerce company,” explains Gaurav to YourStory.

Fastrr’s seamless one-click flow will enable shoppers to complete the purchase in less than 20 seconds. For instance, their details like default address data, shipping and payments preference will get pre-populated, giving them a repeat customer experience.

Fastrr integrates seamlessly to a seller’s existing e-commerce store, agnostic of the platform where it is hosted. The integration process is a simple three-step process. Our integration expert will work with the D2C e-commerce brand to enable integration,” says Gaurav.

A ‘fastrr’ shopping experience

Pickrr, along with Fastrr, is all set to revolutionise the Indian digital commerce space to empower not just D2C sellers, but also the modern shoppers. Its main objective is to build technology parity for every D2C brand by democratising not just the one-click technology, but also advanced SaaS services such as address and delivery intelligence, secure payments integrations, advanced RTO analytics, and more.

A seamless shopping experience awaits you!


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