‘Successes and challenges are relative, one without the other cannot exist’ – 20 quotes on leaders and entrepreneurs

From setbacks to success, witness the memorable journey of entrepreneurs and leaders in these quotes, excerpts, and stories.

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Understanding what and why you are doing something is crucial. If you are building a bootstrapped, sustainable business, be sure you are building it right. As an entrepreneur. - Brijraj Bhuptani, Spry

If you are willing to learn and unlearn quickly, you will be successful even if the startup doesn’t succeed. And it will empower you and the people around you. - Priya Sharma, Learning Dino

Early-stage startups tend to place a lot of emphasis on acquiring new customers, without taking any further steps to build the relationship. - Avadhoot Revankar, Netcore Cloud

Better corporate governance is a shared responsibility between founders, management and the board. And to get there the ecosystem needs to come together and commit to some changes. - Sequoia Capital India

Smart delegation should be followed up with continual training to ensure that people in key positions have the ability to execute their job. - Harshil Salot, The Sleep Company

Just like the way businesses are moving from a profit to a purposeless model value-proposition perspective to attract customers, they are also instigating employees to work on problems that they genuinely care about. - Gaurav Chaubey, Mesh

The entire venture debt community is dominated by sleepy incumbents which are ready to be disrupted. - Ravi Chachra, 8vdX

The transactional mindset of buying artworks must change into looking at supporting and celebrating the artist’s creativity. - AV Ilango, Art Cube Gallery

Creativity enhances our thinking in all aspects of life, not just in arts. - Krishna Setty, Print Biennale India

There are a lot of success stories that are built around emotional intelligence rather than IQ. - Manish Naidu, Brainwonders

We as a global society will probably have costs due to lost biodiversity, for example, which are not directly reflected in the GDP. - Wilfried Rickels, Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Ecological corridors are indispensable to conserving biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems. - Rushikesh Chavan, The Habitats Trust

Indifferentism is the worst kind of disease that can affect people. - Dr BR Ambedkar

There is a greater risk of failure and new challenges every day, which can sometimes leave you jaded and make you feel quite lonely. - Supriya Paul, Josh Talks

What matters is how someone bounces back from failure, and keeps running with their confidence intact. - Hema Prem Rainaa, Infosys

When you try something new, you are not the person who is the most experienced. You kind of go back to the ground level, become humble, learn from others, and then slowly build-up. Every few years, do that. - Surojit Chatterjee, Coinbase

Successes and challenges are relative, one without the other cannot exist. - Padmapriya R, Fiserv

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