Learn how a strong Cloud ERP will enable digital transformation for startups

Join the webinar to find out how new-age startups can thrive in a competitive landscape by simply implementing a comprehensive business solution like Cloud ERP.

Today, there are more entrepreneurial aspirants than job seekers in the country. The booming startup ecosystem is a reflection of how there is a growing interest among the youth to enter the business world. However, managing a startup in this competitive age is anything but easy.

New entrepreneurs quickly discover struggles to cater to all the complicated business processes. With digitisation taking over, spreadsheets no longer serve the required purposes and startups across the globe are moving to adopt Cloud ERP solutions.

What is Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP is a comprehensive business management solution that can help startups transform digitally and manage various aspects of running a business, thereby maximising revenue. To discuss the various benefits of Cloud ERP in detail, Yantra Inc and Oracle NetSuite in association with YourStory are hosting a panel discussion for companies on ‘How Cloud ERP Enables Digital Transformation for Startups’.

The discussion will deep-dive into solving people-related challenges, process inefficiencies, cost overruns, the changing role of a CFO, and more using a cloud-based ERP system that can be deployed quickly and accelerate value creation across portfolios for startups and other organisations.

The panel discussion is scheduled to take place on 22nd April between 3-4 pm

What is in store?

The expert panel will take you through the workings of Oracle NetSuite and how it can be used to derive maximum business value, digitally transform the company, improve overall efficiency etc.

Participants can look forward to learning about:

  • How a robust Cloud ERP solution can integrate business processes, creating efficiencies and offering greater visibility of information across several business functions, especially finance
  • How a Cloud-based ERP is easy to implement and a preferred option for startups and growing businesses as it eliminates or minimises initial capital investment and hardware installation costs
  • How NetSuite - #1 Cloud ERP enables operational value creation and fuels digital transformation for companies
  • Demonstrate success through IPO readiness and drive towards a successful exit
  • Opportunities and challenges for high-growth startups and more

The speaker lineup at the webinar includes Vishal Kanal, Director, Oracle NetSuite; Rajesh Pawar, Director, Yantra; and Rohit Agarwal, Founder, Krayo.

Startups now understand the importance of investing in a good ERP solution to be able to scale and thrive in this competitive environment. Not keeping up with the competition may cost your business. Hence, to stand out from the crowd, enterprises must digitally transform their business.

Be a part of this webinar discussion and gain valuable insights on unlocking your company’s full potential. Also, learn how partnering with Yantra will help you simplify the implementation process of Cloud ERP at your company.


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