‘Not just in India, but the demand for dupattas exists worldwide’ – 30 quotes on the India business opportunity

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The Indian government is rightly promoting the biofuel industry via ethanol blending programme, aiming to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. - Vijay Madduri, MicroBite

The climate sector presents an investment opportunity of more than $1 trillion in South Asia. - Sridhar Narayan, GEF Capital Partners

Web 3.0 and crypto/blockchain-based technologies witnessed growing interest as 40+ early-stage deals crossed $500 million+ in overall investments [in 2021]. - Sriwatsan Krishnan, Bain & Company

The Indian logistics sector is estimated to hit the $350-380 billion mark by 2025. The take-off of ecommerce and D2C business models has been fuelling growth in the last two to three years. - Nilesh Ghule, Forza Logistics Techlabs

Given the pace at which people are taking up pets, everybody is looking at quality food. - Prabhu Gandhikumar, TABPS Pets

The existing organised retail models are built for the metros and can’t scale deep into the semi-urban and rural markets. - Neeraj Menta, SuperK

We now are seeing kids in Tier II and III cities in India trying to build DeFi products from their homes. - Mayur Relekar, Arcana

Given its affluence and aspirations, it would be a missed opportunity for brands to overlook this prolific [Bharat] market. - Ajit Varghese, ShareChat

The content has to be customised, personalised, made interactive, and vernacular so as to increase the engagement and learning outcomes for students - be it for K12, test prep, or skilling category. - Karanvir Singh, Pariksha

Convincing rural audiences to trust a digital platform for their business needs is nowhere an easy task because the majority of the population is not tech-savvy. - Hema Nandiraju, Hesa Technologies

The agriculture story in India is poised for multi-fold growth. We believe that large platforms providing end-to-end services to the farmers, from advisory and inputs to output offtake, will to drive this transformation. - Pankaj Khandelwal, INI Farms

The core of this [animal protein] industry is managing the lifecycle of a product, which has a very low shelf life, and also requires unique handling requirements like storage and processing, and really low temperatures and so on. - Himanshu Verma, Licious

The next 100 million users in India will be accessing credit via cards issued by brands and businesses. Launching card programs is a difficult process since it involves integrating with multiple players. - Vineet Saxena, CARD91

Trust deficit is the biggest problem in fintech adoption in India. People are less trusting of traditional acquisition channels like websites and apps. - Manish Shara, OneCode

It is integral to build a community of financially aware teens who will go on to make better financial decisions. - Lavika Aggarwal, Akudo

Money should not be a challenge for students who aspire to achieve their dreams. - Alakh Pandey, PhysicsWallah

2021 also saw the emergence and growth of several startups in the fintech and direct-to-consumer (D2C) business segments that significantly contributed to the overall number of brand endorsements undertaken by the top 20 celebrities. - Varun Gupta, Duff & Phelps

In the times to come, the physical visits that used to happen for KYC might get replaced by the video KYC done by the banks for proprietorship and the individuals. - Pankaj Gadgil, ICICI Bank

India is still new in being a strong and reliable medical device manufacturing country. - Amarpreet Rai, Sanrai Med

India’s healthcare industry is at an inflection point; within which, home healthcare provides a strategic leverage to make availability more penetrative, consistency in quality through technology and making care more outcome driven. - Rajiv Mathur, Critical Care Unified

India’s healthcare industry is compounding at approximately 20 percent growth rate and is likely to be a $372 billion industry by end of this year. - Charles-Antoine Janssen, HealthQuad

Something like 70 percent of the urban population, adults and kids are protein deficient and this kind of protein deficiency, especially in a child's development, has a massive subsequent impact on their growth on their physical growth, even their mental growth. - Cathy Guo, Antler

In the last five years, more and more young people have decided to take the path of entrepreneurship, seeing the potential to transform sectors, industries, and parts of our society. - Mark Kahn, Omnivore

Definitely things have changed since our time when we used to have two girls in a class of 150. Now more women are pursuing higher education. But clearly, we are not there yet. - Geetha Manjunath, Niramai

Stereotypes have been getting shattered [in every field]. Women are owning their careers. - Preeti Jalla Razdan, Infosys

MNCs are aggressively setting up capability centres in India, which is expected to hit 500 by 2025 and effectively pull in thousands of skilled professionals every year. - Abhimanyu Saxena, InterviewBit

The kind of skillset which the industry requires, the graduates don’t come with it and hence there’s a gap. Fifty-five percent of professional graduates are unemployable. - Gunjan Lalchandani, Hero Vired

Indian entrepreneurship, Indian cinema, Indian art, Indian literature, etc., are being uplifted by modern concepts. Everyone is coming up with novice and upgraded themes. - Uday Kotak

We need to preserve our rich culture and pass it on to coming generations. - Shradha Joshi, Chitra Santhe 2022

In Kashmir, pashmina is like family gold and silver; it is passed on from one generation to another. - Vatsala Hali, Urzuv: The Spirit of Kashmir

Not just in India, but the demand for dupattas exists worldwide. - Gaurav Garg, Dupatta Bazaar

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