‘Innovation breeds on failure’ – 20 quotes of the week on leadership and entrepreneurship

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To be an entrepreneur, you don’t need a fancy degree or huge amount of capital. Rather, your passion is enough to help you survive and thrive. - Ghazal Alagh, MamaEarth

One of the most invigorating parts about being an entrepreneur is handling the unexpected. - Eric Grosse, Suki.AI

One of the key attributes of entrepreneurship is the ability to take a risk, not let the fear of the unknown bother you! - Somdutta Singh, Assiduus Global Inc.

Founders today are looking for more than just investors – they want long term partners that understand consumer trends and brands and have a long-term mindset. - Nicholas Cator, Venturi Partners

Collaboration is the way forward. People who hold expertise in different fields help you become a one-stop shop. - Madhu Chopra, Studio Aesthetique

People come before they bring the revenue. And the revenue is a result of bringing the team right. - Shashank Mehta, The Whole Truth Foods

If there is loyalty it will always result in higher revenue. - Suman Katragadda, Heaps Health

Awareness of fine art should extend beyond cosmopolitan cities, and it should extend beyond hobbies and skills. - Smitha Cariappa, Adipaaya exhibition

Art institutions must strive to connect not only with audiences virtually through social media platforms but also initiate an effort to try and reach out to the visually impaired. - Urvi Kothari, Tao Art Gallery

The right solution to closing the working capital gap in small retailers lies in taking a trade-centric view to risk management. - Chaitanya Adapa, udaanCapital

Having women in leadership roles has this crucial duality of not just showcasing the voice of women in decision-making, but also in inspiring other women to pursue their ambition fearlessly. - Divya Gokulnath, BYJU'S

Women who network can also learn strategies to ask for promotions, seek fair pay, and even become mentors to others, creating a positive cycle of change for women in the workplace. - Anita Kishore, BYJU'S

With an overall positive perspective on ESG, sustainability, and diversity management, one could acknowledge that women can make a significant difference in crucial leadership roles. - Sakshi Vij, Myles

There is no such thing as men’s work and women’s work. Everybody can do anything if they put their mind to it. - Priti Ajay Hinge

The very best self-care that any woman can do for herself is to prioritise protein at breakfast and not to finish the leftovers from everyone else’s plate. - Deepa Kannan, PFNR

Your future should not be decided by an extrapolation of your past. It should be driven by the aspirations of the future. – Vivek Mansingh, ‘Meaningful Success’

Get inspired by problems that you want to solve for your country and for the world. - Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Biocon

Great societies are made by average people solving public problems and adding value. - Ramesh and Swati Ramanathan, Janagraha

Five core values form the mindset of a socially conscious organisation: acting with care, being truthful, honest, using discretion, and not operating out of greed. - Priya Nair Rajeev and Simy Joy, ‘Being an Impact Champion’

Despite several instances of discouragement, when you see the person in whose life you’ve been able to make a difference, then you just want to continue with your effort and help more and more people. - Ria Singh, Make Love Not Scars

Vegan leather, essentially a polymer, which is a near substitute for leather. It is both cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. It has leather-like grains and texture and yet causes no harm to livestock. - Mansi Gambhir, THE GUSTO

You are what you eat, it’s just a fact – wholesome and real food choices are crucial ingredients for a happy and healthy life. - Mira Rajput Kapoor, Zama Organics

A diesel-run boat needs around 45-60 kW of power to ferry 60 passengers. With solar boats, we can bring down one-third of power consumption. - Sandith Thandasherry, NavAlt Solar

Leaders need to take risks and move fast. It is better to stumble first than arrive last. -  John Chambers, Cisco

Take risks and acknowledge the fact that risks can go either way. A risk, however, will always be a learning experience. - Shruti Kashyap, Hindustan Unilever

Innovation breeds on failure. It’s imperative that the fail points are discovered early on. – Harish Mehta, ‘The Maverick Effect’

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