Upcoming Webinar: Understand how AI-recommended personalised promotions can help online brands increase revenue

Namogoo and YourStory are presenting the webinar on how to increase revenue with AI-recommended promotions personalised to your customers’ intent.

The pandemic brought a new generation of shoppers online - those who demand personalisation at every point in their customer journey, including the promotions they recieve. In fact, a whopping 91 percent of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. Moreover, at least 85 percent of consumers get influenced by personalised promotions.

Despite this, most brands opt for a "one size fits all" approach that fails to provide the right discount or promotional offers to the individual shopper, leaving them dissatisfied and at the same time, shrinking your profit margins.

By leveraging new-age tools like AI, brands can pinpoint the most effective promotion for each visitor session, and expect at least a 25 percent reduction in promotion costs while achieving a 15 percent increase in revenue. It can replace generic promotions with individualised incentives.

To understand how marketers and brands can predict shoppers' intent in real-time and offer them personalised discounts, Namogoo and YourStory are presenting the webinar 'Increase revenue with AI recommended promotions personalised to your customers.

What to expect?

Experts will deep-dive into the current D2C space, the importance of understanding customer intent, and how Namogoo’s AI-backed Intent-Based Promotions can help brands predict shoppers' intent in real-time.

The webinar will feature panelists Ohad Greenshpan, Co-founder and CTO, Namogoo; Saurabh Bhandari, VP of D2C, boAt Lifestyle; and Saket Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Onnivation, who will share their own unique insights about the future of e-commerce promotions.

Why should you attend?

The discussion will shed light on how AI-backed tools can help brands decide which promotional offers shoppers need, all based on their intent. By doing so, brands can significantly save promotion costs by only offering discounts to those shoppers who need them to convert.

To be a part of this session and boost your business in the new normal


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