A ‘Zepto’ for your booze?

Founded in August 2020 by Vivekanand Balijepalli, Booozie’s app promises doorstep delivery of alcohol in 10 minutes. The AI-powered startup is currently operational in Kolkata and plans to soon say salud to Delhi and Odisha.

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Ask not what Reliance can do. Instead, wonder what it can’t. 

Days after US cosmetics giant Revlon filed for bankruptcy, the Mukesh Ambani-led conglomerate is considering buying it out, reported Economic Times yesterday. The news had almost a meteoric effect as Revlon’s share price surged by 87 percent in pre-market trading. 

Earlier this week, Reliance already made headlines after Viacom 18, which it co-owns, bagged the digital rights to IPL 2023-27. 

While its business is predominantly focused on the energy sector, Reliance Industries has been aggressively diversifying, expanding its footprint in consumer-facing sectors like retail, telecom, and technology. And it has paid off, handsomely. This May, it became the first Indian firm to cross $100 billion in revenue.

Meanwhile, the global crypto market continues to tumble, with the total market cap of cryptocurrencies falling under $900 billion, as per CoinMarketCap. As a result, the NFT market is also seeing a massive decline.

ICYMI, Snapchat is working on rolling out a paid subscription feature, following in the footsteps of Twitter and Telegram. 

Tell us, would you pay for social media? Why/why not? 

10-minute alcohol deliveries

There is a new player in the quick commerce space. Meet Booozie, a social drinking and entertainment startup, which is promising 10-minute doorstep delivery of alcohol.

Yes, that's right. It has three Os. 

When COVID-19 lockdowns forced liquor stores to pause their operations, it led to the creation of a black market where booze was being sold 3-4x above the market price. 

Seeing these challenges, Vivekanand Balijepalli realised there was a need for doorstep delivery of alcohol. In August 2020, he launched Booozie and in June 2022, it started its delivery operations in Kolkata. 

How does it work?

  • Booozie's in-house logistics management platform, Gokea, supports hyperlocal and third-party logistics deliveries.
  • The startup uses AI to predict the most-likely orders and keeps the paperwork ready.
  • It verifies the consumers' age using identity verification software that scans Aadhaar cards and does a face match.
  • Delivery partners are stationed outside liquor stores, and each store has a store manager to help with operations.

Calling it a Facebook and Amazon for liquor, Vivekanand said, “The combination of these elements allows Booozie to have an order out for delivery in under a minute, which makes a 10-minute delivery window very likely. But we ensure that we don’t put any pressure on our riders.”

India’s infertility issues

India has an infertility problem. The crude birth rate has gone down from 36.7 births per thousand during 1975-80 to 18.9 during 2015-20.

While both men and women can have fertility issues, it is the latter often held responsible, leading to financial and emotional stress and social stigma.

“Just because their periods are regular, women think it is a natural process that they are born for. When they are not able to conceive, it starts becoming taboo in their head. They neither talk to someone nor research in their own time,” said Dr Rajalaxmi Walavalkar, Medical Director, IVF Consultant, and Endoscopist at Cocoon Fertility.

Key takeaways:

  • There is a need to combat the lack of awareness of the cause and treatment of infertility.
  • A popular myth surrounding IVF among parents is that the child born out of the procedure is not their own due to “external intervention”.
  • However, more people are coming forward to assess treatment options, making infertility less of a taboo. 

Learning blockchain for free

Started by Haardik H, Sneh Koul, and Kacie Ahmed in 2022, LearnWeb3 DAO is an education platform for both new and experienced users and developers who want to break into Web3. 

It offers structured learning of blockchain concepts, is completely free, and features original content.

Quick insights:

  • LearnWeb3DAO sustains through donations and grants. So far, it has picked up cheques from the likes of Polygon, Flow, Radicle, and CyberConnect.
  • In less than two months since its launch, LearnWeb3DAO claims to have educated over 35,000 learners and over 2,000 graduates.
  • Its features include a flagship learning platform, an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collection for graduates, dashboards for tracking learning progress, automated smart contract verification tools, and more.

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