Empowering creators using blockchain

Founded by Joel Alexander and Drishti Chawla in May 2021, CrowdPad is developing a tokenised community-building tool for everyday creators to create, discover and manage their communities all in one place.

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While being a content creator can be exciting, getting discovered among millions of other creators can be tough.

Noticing this gap, Joel Alexander and Drishti Chawla started CrowdPad, a tokenised community-building tool for content creators—powered by blockchain. The startup enables creators to create, discover, and manage their communities all in one place using a video-first approach to community discovery.

Using social tokens, the platform helps creators monetise or build a community who are ready to invest in the creator, thus, eliminating the need of platforms like Spotify or YouTube.

“As most of us spend our time on our mobile phone, we decided to opt for a mobile-first approach as CrowdPad is the first mobile social token app," co-founder Joel explains to YourStory.

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