‘28 million new technology jobs will be created in India by 2025’ – 35 quotes on the India business opportunity

From ecommerce to employment, witness the business trends in India through these quotes, excerpts, and stories!

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The story of Indian IT is one of the most remarkable business stories that unfolded in our lifetimes. - Harish Mehta, 'The Maverick Effect'

After an exuberant year for both deal activity and exits in 2021, the outlook for 2022 is expected to be sobering. - India Private Equity Report 2022

The venture building concept has been around for some time now, but never really took off in India. - Pranav Chaturvedi, Favcy

Between 2013 & 2017, India's crowdfunding volume totalled $450 million, barely a fraction of the potential indicated by the World Bank in 2013. - Bibhu Mishra, Global Education and Leadership Foundation

It is very disheartening to see that our traditional education system does not promote entrepreneurship at any stage. - Krishna Maggo, Sateeq

The small and medium enterprises (SME) manufacturing ecosystem in the fashion and lifestyle segments across South Asia is extremely disaggregated yet at a tipping point. - Subin Mitra, Groyyo

Animal feed is in high demand because India has the world's largest livestock population. Yet, it is one of the most ignored especially in terms of distribution on the ground. - Alok Duggal, FAARMS

Almost half of the gig economy (49.5 percent) prefer monthly payouts as opposed to daily/weekly payments. - Taskmo

Informal waste pickers play a vital role in collecting and recycling plastic and PET waste generated in the city [Bengaluru]. - Vani Murthy

India has emerged as the ultimate frontier for acquiring content subscribers with top OTT platforms, having captured over 100 million, mostly English-educated subscribers, so far. - Kuku FM

There are 472 million Gen Z consumers in India–inherently digitally native, who spend over 10 hours a day online and consume short-form content. - Radhika Ghai, Kindlife

Though high-quality journalism has a social and political influence, most of these publications [small and medium vernacular local houses] are not yet sustainable. - Darshan Shah, NewsReach

Women constitute 71 percent of the labour force in livestock farming. - Alok Duggal, FAARMS

Many women worry that husbands may remarry as they are unable to conceive. - Diana Crasta, Nova IVF Fertility

Unless every girl is told that becoming a mother is not the final goal of her life and that infertility is not the end of the world, the next generation will go through the same suffering that women face today. - Rajalaxmi Walavalkar, Cocoon Fertility

Most transgender persons are migrant, which is something they share in common with other marginalized groups. - Yoga Sreelesh Nambiar

A report by Azim Premji University points out that the lockdowns pushed 23 crore Indians into poverty between 2020 and 2021. - Ajai Chowdhry, Epic Foundation

Economic independence and a mindset of learning create social consciousness and empathetic individuals. - Monisha Banerjee, Anudip Foundation

Ayurveda has a holistic approach toward health; it takes into account the whole body, mind, and spirit complex. - Akshi Khandelwal, Butterfly Ayurveda

Veganism is becoming more popular among consumers for health and ethical reasons. - Suresh Raju, Fitday.in

Mental health is becoming a part of mainstream conversations, globally and in India. - Neerja Birla, Mpower

The beauty and personal care market in India is growing fast and is expected to reach $28B by 2025. - Rajat Agarwal, Matrix India

A big issue in the Indian skincare industry has been the low customer repeat rates. - Romita Mazumdar, Foxtale

Despite the obstacles, India is one of the largest markets for EVs in Asia behind only China and surprisingly, ahead of Japan. - Barnik Chitran Maitra, Arthur D Little

With the needed impetus, India can achieve its aspiration of becoming one of the world's leaders in e-mobility. - Fabian Sempf, Arthur D Little

In terms of accelerating the transition to electric vehicles and electric mobility, we think India is in the right place. - Wybren van der Vaart, BrightBlu

While hiring can also be solved, non-metro cities do not have the ecosystem as of now to nurture growing startups. - Sushil Sharma, Marwari Catalyst Ventures

Volume share of these smaller [Tier II and Tier III] cities in India's e-commerce market increased to 46 percent in Q4CY20 from 32 percent YoY. - ICICI Securities report

Surat, Gujarat will play a larger role in the field of Saas, EV, Technology, and D2C Brands. - Prateek Toshniwal

This ranking [22 from 23 last year in the Global Startup Ecosystem ranking] mirrors the confidence entrepreneurs and investors globally have in Namma Bengaluru's ecosystem.. -Ashwathnarayan CN, Minister, Entrepreneurship & Livelihood, Karnataka

The whole world is watching that India is doing 5.5 billion UPI transactions in a month. This is a big achievement for India. - Ashwini Vaishnaw, Union Communications Minister

India’s economy is ripe for startups who are willing to address the needs of the ageing Indian population, which is expected to reach about 330 million individuals by 2050. - Deval Delivala GetSetUp

Going ahead, markets are likely to stay under pressure amidst worry over a significant economic slowdown. - Siddhartha Khemka, Motilal Oswal Home Finance

There’s a strong sense in the emerging economies and fast-changing societies across India and Southeast Asia that ‘now is our time’. - Sequoia

Industry reports estimate that 28 million new technology jobs will be created in India by 2025. - Raghav Gupta, Coursera

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