Google Cloud: Game Tech 2022: Getting your game on Cloud

How cloud and game technology are building immersive player experiences and accelerating digital economies of the future

The last two years have seen phenomenal growth in the gaming industry driven largely by cloud technologies. Cloud services are making games accessible by building immersive player experiences, empowering developers to develop game experiences by minimizing infrastructure complexity, and accelerating data insights for game companies through analysis and AI.

As the sector evolves, the future holds many questions. Will gaming be dominated by subscription-based models from here on? Will gamers converge on Metaverse in the future? How will e-sports drive investments and monetization opportunities?

The game tech webinar series titled Getting your game on Cloud in partnership with Google Cloud and YourStory will give an understanding on the future of gametech. Here is a chance to interact and listen to domain experts, entrepreneurs, business leads, technologists, who will share their thoughts on the evolution of cloud and gaming technology, the latest industry shifts, and the evolving world of gametech and gaming in the future.

Talking points will include the emergence of cloud gaming to enable scale and collaboration, building blocks of a digital economy and wealth creation, cloud security, online assets through blockchain, among others.

The webinar will kickstart with a keynote address from game and technology expert Jack Buser of Google Cloud, on the prospect of cloud services for gametech, followed by an in-depth panel discussion on ‘Cloud for Casual Gaming’ that will feature Chirag Sanghani, Head, Media, Entertainment and Gaming Business, India, Google Cloud; Vikash Jaiswal, CEO and Founder, Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd; and Sharan Tulsiani, Co-founder, Jetapult.

This will be followed by solution tracks by Google Cloud experts, where Anunay K, Principal Architect, Google Cloud and Vikhas Mishara, Customer Engineer, Infrastructure Modernisation Specialist, Google Cloud, will discuss solutions for Indian gaming companies.

To all stakeholders, founders, and experts from the gametech sector, this is your chance to participate in the discussion with your questions and insights, and understand how the latest innovations and emergence of new technologies, platforms and ecosystems will power the future of gametech.

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