‘Knowledge management is changing into Digital Intelligence’ – 15 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From information to intelligence, these quotes from the week of July 18-24 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world!

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The increased adoption of technology by traditional banks via self upgradation or collaboration with fintechs is resonating with the idea of new-age banking. - Shaktikanta Das, RBI

With blockchain technology, all the data is on-chain, traceable, and transparent, and we believe this could play a significant role in solving for climate action and agriculture. - Prabir Mishra, TrayamBhu Tech Solutions

That's a huge huge market [for quantum computing] in terms of the drug design industry. - Nikhil Malhotra, Tech Mahindra

It’s the students of today who will build to address some of the toughest problems affecting us in the spaces of climate change, unlocking human potential, energy efficiency, and upcoming spaces such as metaverse, blockchain, and Web3. - Rajiv Srivatsa, Urban Ladder

Digital healthcare for a country like India is not merely an advancement but a necessity. - Taslimarif Saiyed, C-CAMP

There is a huge untapped market for married couples’ counselling, but there are no credible benchmarks to measure this segment’s market size as there are few products focused on relationship issues. - Rohan Shah, Life Quest

As the pandemic becomes endemic, organisations are summoning employees back to the office, albeit with the perks of hybrid working. - Yogita Tulsiani, iXceed Solutions

As emerging markets are getting digital and the mobile revolution is happening, the only way to reach every mobile subscriber–the next 5 billion users–is through mobile messaging. - Beerud Sheth, Gupshup

We are on the cusp of another fundamental shift in how the world leverages mobile technology. - Krishna Tammana, Gupshup

The rise in smartphone and internet penetration has opened a new chapter in the B2B commerce of India. - Koteshwar LN, Flipkart

Technology is an enabler and a major pillar for the success of any knowledge management programme, as long it is focused on the users, not just the creators. - Ritu Grover, Khaitan & Co.

Knowledge is beyond just an artefact or online asset, rather it is a value differentiator. - Shanthi Natarajan, TCS

We need to take data governance more seriously and align it with data protection laws as they are becoming critical. - Mamatha Srirama, Acies Innovations

As data velocity continues to increase, knowledge management will play a greater role in providing context. - Zach Wahl, Making KM Clickable

Knowledge management is changing into ‘Digital Intelligence’. The role of knowledge managers is transforming into adding intelligence to the workforce with the help of digital technologies. - Hariprasad Reddy, Wipro

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