D2C Carwaan to arrive in Kolkata to discover new brands

After several meetups in cities like Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Indore, D2C Carwaan is ready to take the City of Joy by storm on September 2, 2022.

It is finally the right time for upcoming brands to unleash their potential – unlike earlier, there is an already well-established ecosystem that can steer their growth. Of course, these winds of change can be credited to the pandemic, which has served as a catalyst in the discovery of new-age D2C brands.

Today, e-commerce has become a popular mode of shopping, with an ever-increasing range of options available at the consumers’ fingertips. The future seems even more promising, with the Indian D2C market projected to reach $100 billion by 2025.

Discovering the hidden potential

The Brands of New India (BONI) community’s initiative called D2C Carwaan is aimed to unleash the potential of undiscovered D2C brands in lesser-known markets.

Through this event, the idea is to onboard brands that capture the essence of India and help them establish a network with the right stakeholders – investors, enablers, mentors, and more. It is a golden opportunity for D2C brands to be discovered and scale up.

After embarking on this journey in metropolitan centres like Chennai and Hyderabad, and Tier II cities like Indore and Jaipur, it's time for D2C Carwaan to find new-age D2C companies in Kolkata on September 2, 2022.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • An opportunity to meet some of the biggest names – founders, enablers, and investors, who will help you scale your brand.
  • A host of networking and expert sessions that will delve deep into the challenges and address them.
  • A chance for small companies to showcase their mettle and imbibe learnings from the bigger players.
  • Workshops and sessions to tackle challenges that can be an impediment to their growth.
  • Be a part of YourStory’s BONI community network across cities.
  • An opportunity to participate in a panel discussion, alongside some prominent names in the industry.
  • A chance to interact with Praful Poddar, SVP, Product Development, Shiprocket.

The collaboration with Shiprocket is a critical one, since the support of SaaS-based logistics partners is required to catalyse the growth of D2C players. Over the years, the company has become a force to reckon with – their learnings can be a good starting point.

What is in store?

Participating D2C brands can look forward to attending an interesting workshop on the 'Importance of building your online store' conducted by Vargab Bakshi, Vice President & Country Head, India at Wix.com.

Listen to Praful Poddar, SVP, Product Development, Shiprocket, speaking on ‘How to build a successful D2C brand.’

An insightful panel discussion featuring Jivraj Sigh Sachar, Podcaster / Founder - Indian Silicon Valley; Praful Poddar, SVP, Product Development, Shiprocket; Vargab Bakshi, Vice President & Country Head, India at Wix.com; Aneesh Satnaliwala, Co-founder, Country Bean; and Aishwarya Biswas, Founder, AULI Lifestyle will discuss ways to 'build end-to-end consumer journeys'.

Lastly, Manish Pandey AKA Bade Bhaiya of Josh talks will deliver a compelling keynote on 'Is content the key to Brand Building?'

This and much more can be expected at D2C Carwaan in Kolkata.


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