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The journey to success is often long and arduous. Injury, poor attitude, and poor career decisions can often derail the promise. - Sudheesh Venkatesh, Azim Premji Foundation

You never know it all, you can never know it all, and understanding how to adapt to change is a key trait that leaders should surely learn. - Megha Tata, ex-Discovery Communications

History belongs to all of us and is not an exclusive territory reserved for the privileged. - Eric Chopra, itihāsology

Now, women VCs can offer a nuanced understanding of the demographic and make a difference by adding a deeper perspective. - Vineeta Singh, SUGAR Cosmetics

Every woman investor inspires many more women to become entrepreneurs and create their own success path. - Padmaja Ruparel, Indian Angel Network

There is tremendous [gender] disparity on the investor side, which also affects what kind of startups get funded. - Shrishti Sahu, SSV

Women make up half the population, creating relevant and relatable products to cater to this market could be done better by nobody other than women themselves. - Chinu Kala, Rubans Accessories

When women invest, they tend to have a better average annual return from their investments than men. - Marci McGregor, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Having proper representation helps create a sustainable ecosystem for everyone to succeed without any bias. - Vineeta Singh, SUGAR Cosmetics

The need for women to join the mainstream economic value creation has gained serious urgency, especially in the setting of an overall scarcity of resources to achieve sustainable development goals. - Seema Chaturvedi, AWE Funds

To the girls out there, we all can make it. - Ruchira Kamboj, UN

While organisations are building diverse teams to fuel creativity, they are also holding the workforce accountable to goals like strategic planning, problem solving, and coaching. - Sunette Carroll, Udemy Business

Companies are now moving away from degree requirements and toward skills-based hiring. - Raj Kunkolienkar, Stoa

People love productivity. People love saving time and saving money. - Venus Dhuria, AppyHigh

The business models [of carbon management startups] will gradually evolve as the markets evolve. No one knows what the best way to make money is. - Swapna Gupta, Avanna Capital

Alternative packaging cost is very high. The cost could go up by 15%. Also, if you replace plastic straws with paper straws, then you have to cut trees. - Vikas Kumar, Go Grocer

Supporting optimal digestion is step one to preventing toxic overload. - Deepa Kannan, PFNR

Just like toddlers, dogs take a day or two to get used to shoes. - Aneesha Pillai, Zoof Pets

Every month unicorns are being formed, and thus they need highly focused and targeted people to work for them. - Harsh Singh, QuilinX

VCs have the money but it will take some more time for the positive attitude and sentiment to come back. - Amit Kumar, ah! Ventures

For [social change] to happen, the core business has to change, new business models need to be created, which can help gain profit as well as create value to the society. - Rishi Agarwal, Asia FSG

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