India’s ‘ginaissance’ in Goa

India’s gin market is bubbling with activity and its nerve centre lies in Goa. Led by Greater Than, the country has more than 10 homegrown gin brands today. However, this is just the beginning.

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After a tweet quoting a German politician went viral, the internet has been abuzz with conspiracy theories that “something big”—world-ending level—is going to happen today. 

Even as apocalyptic theorists continued with their sensationalist ideas—with some even turning to The Simpsons show for inspiration—it turns out that the MP, Friedrich Metz, had merely misspoken, confusing February with September while referring to the beginning of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

But hey, anticipating doomsday can be a fun hobby, right?

Meanwhile, stock markets around the world are feeling the heat. On Friday, stocks fell globally as banks hiked interest rates to counter the effects of inflation. 

Closer home, domestic indices saw a fall of ~2% while the rupee hit a record low breaching the $81-mark during the day, ending at $80.99.

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In today’s newsletter, we will talk about 

  • Inside India’s ‘ginaissance’ in Goa
  • Making career counselling accessible
  • Decoding JM Financial’s legacy

Here’s your trivia for today: Which is the longest naval vessel ever built?

Food & Beverage

Inside India’s ‘gin-aissance’ in Goa

While Goa may be famous for its beautiful beaches, cuisine, and nightlife, it is also making a name for itself as a hub for alco-bev experiments. 

The state is now home to new-age Indian gin brands—Greater Than, Stranger & Sons, Hapusa, Samsara, Pumori, Tamras, Amrut Nilgiris, Terai, Jaisalmer, GinGin, and Great Indian Gin—that are even giving global favourites a run for their money.

The right spirit:

  • It is not Goa’s favourable excise duties that attracted these brands, says Aditya Agarwal of Spaceman Spirits Lab. Instead, the state’s position as a cultural hub makes it the go-to base for homegrown gin companies. 
  • This ‘gin-aissance’ began with Nao Spirits, which launched Greater Than in 2017, paving the way for other players.
  • What sets them apart is their focus on local produce and botanicals, being made in India, and their experimental flavour profiles.

Homegrown gin brands


Making career counselling accessible

While many students in senior secondary schools opt for career counselling, the field is largely unorganised. This calls for the need to confront, manage, and combat the Great Indian Talent Conundrum (GITC).

Vadodara-based CareerNaksha provides personalised, data-driven, psychometrics-based career counselling to anyone who requires it with a specialised focus on Tier III cities and beyond.  

Localised counselling:

  • CareerNaksha offers its tests in local languages, which are developed based on a free database called Occupational Information Network (O*NET).
  • It also maintains partnerships with NGOs and government schools and sets up seminars to raise awareness about the various career options. 
  • The startup offers courses in AI/ML, UI-UX designing, digital marketing, communication skills, and social-emotional learning.  

Financial services

Decoding JM Financial’s legacy

Next year, financial services firm JM Financial will celebrate 50 years of supporting companies like Tata, Amul, Hindustan Unilever, and many others.

“It takes a decade to build your brand to bring distribution, all expertise, as well as hiring new talent, managing effectively, and making a franchise successful, and the same is true with us," says Vishal Kampani, Non-Executive Vice Chairman, JM Financial.

JM Financial’s startup philosophy:

  • JM Financial’s partnership with Morgan Stanley diversified its focus into wealth management, retail broking, fixed income trading (during), corporate lending, distressed assets, and real estate.
  • Investment banking contributes to almost 50% revenue of JM Financial.
  • Despite the market slowing down, Vishal believes that the Indian acclimation to brands like Uber and Zomato will only further market cap numbers.

News & updates

  • Lockdown ease: In Hong Kong, officials said on Friday that the city will scrap its longstanding quarantine policy, marking a clear break with China’s Covid Zero strategy, which has left the world’s second-largest economy more isolated than ever.
  • Tax cuts: The embattled British pound fell 2.6% against the dollar on Friday after the new UK government announced a radical economic plan to boost growth. The pound has been on a precipitous fall against the greenback this year, hitting levels this month not seen since 1985.
  • Sick beats: If you liked “Guitar Hero” but wished it had more brass instruments, you’re in luck. A new rhythm game called “Trombone Champ” has struck a chord with users online, bringing the kind of much-needed levity to the internet that only a trombone can.

Which is the longest naval vessel ever built?

Answer: The ​​342-metre long USS Enterprise, built by the US Navy in 1958-61. She is also the first-ever nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

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