Noticeable change in skillset among Indians: LinkedIn's data over the last 7 years reveals

More Indians boast marketing and sales skills today compared to 2015, data based on LinkedIn's 92 million Indian members shows.

In a new report, social media platform LinkedIn has said that Indian employees have seen a noticeable change in the skills they have acquired on the website over the last 7 years. The data is based on the activity of LinkedIn's 92 million Indian members, as well as Indian employers.

When discussing the term 'skills', LinkedIn is referring to their users' ability to share particular skills about themselves on their public profile for others, specifically potential employers to see. According to the platform, this is a popular feature globally with 286 million skills added to profiles in 2021, and 45 percent of hirers saying that they "explicitly use skills data to fill their roles."

Which skills have Indians acquired lately?

A new report on the skills changes among Indian users shows that 8 of the 10 most popular skills advertised by users has changed since 2015. Among the current list, sales and marketing rank high, including the terms 'business development' (#1), 'marketing' (#2), 'sales & marketing' (#3), 'Sales' (#6), and 'sales management' (#8). All but 'business development' are new terms compared to 2015.

As is to be expected, software engineering skills have made a big impact on the top 10 skills in 2022, including the terms 'engineering' (#4), 'SQL' (#5), 'java' (#7), 'Microsoft Azure' (#9) and 'Spring Boot' (#10). All but 'SQL' are new terms compared to 2015.

Edited by Akanksha Sarma


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