Raising resilience over risks for continuity

As businesses grapple with disruptions and unpredictable economic changes, cloud resiliency is helping them to dynamically evolve, so as to meet changing scenarios.

Organisations are under unprecedented pressure to adapt. Digitisation and cloud computing are essential in responding to ever-evolving work patterns, economic realities, and unpredictable changes. Cloud resiliency is a critical piece of this puzzle enabling a holistic shift in how businesses plan for and meet the current, and future, demands of their customers.

Considering world over, governments, businesses, and people overcame disruptions in the last two years, resiliency has now become an integral part of building anything. For cloud ecosystems, where information is accessible from anywhere, this need is even more urgent.

The process of foreseeing possible disruptions, planning for business continuity, as well as how technology systems will recover with speed and without data loss are of paramount importance now. Cloud resiliency plays a critical part in business continuity.

The cost and effort of maintaining resilience infrastructures tips many organisations beyond traditional disaster recovery technologies into cloud resilience. With the capacity for quick failover, a cloud solution can help ensure near continuous application and data availability no matter how geographically dispersed the organization’s systems and users may be. Cloud can also bring unprecedented scalability to business resilience and the ability to rapidly provision new services—features that many commercial resiliency and disaster recovery providers have offered for many years.

Another important aspect is being future ready. Considering the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the business ecosystem which can be a result of several factors like technological evolutions, fluctuations in the global economy and a dispersed workforce, enterprises are cutting down on risks, through technology, strategic decisions and partnerships that help in risk mitigation, adapt to changes and keep their businesses robust.

The workplace landscape has also undergone major transformation in the last couple of years. Remote and distributed work environments, changing business and operational needs and emerging technologies have played a key role in disrupting legacy systems. For this, organizations have put in strategic thought towards building resilience for both the short and the long term by means of reskilling, offering newer opportunities and nurturing talent from within.

The roundtable ‘Raising Resilience over Risks’ for business continuity’ will feature startups across industries to discuss how in the era of online and offline operations, cloud resiliency is cutting down on risks and empowering businesses to keep going, no matter what the scenario.

Hosted by YourStory and Google the aim is to bring stakeholders from across segments common platform to discuss technology opportunities, identify challenges and create a dialogue for future solutions.

Our esteemed panelists and speakers for this discussion include Gurpiar Sibia, Head, Customer Engineering, Digital Natives Business, Google India; Gaurav Bagga, Head of Product and Engineering, Pristyn care; Gaurav Kumar, CTO, Wakefit.co; Varundeep Kaur, CIO, Spicemoney; Piyush Ranjan, CTO, Coverfox.

To all stakeholders, founders, experts, this is your chance to be part of the discussion with your questions and insights, understand how cloud resiliency is cutting down on risks and empowering businesses to maintain continuity.

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