From $100 to $25,000 - How GPT-4 Helped an Entrepreneur Build a Green Start-up

"AI-Powered Start-up Success: GPT-4's Ingenious Strategies, Investment Attraction, and the Road to Sustainability in a Digital Age"

From $100 to $25,000 - How GPT-4 Helped an Entrepreneur Build a Green Start-up

Tuesday March 21, 2023,

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Jackson Fall, a Brand Designer and writer, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by entrusting GPT-4 with $100 and a mission to make as much money as possible. GPT-4, the advanced AI language model which was released on 15th March 2023, took on the challenge with gusto. Jackson acted as a human liaison, purchasing and executing whatever GPT-4 suggested. The duo set out to build a profitable online business together.

The game plan involved setting up an affiliate marketing site focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable living products. GPT-4 suggested a domain name,, which was promptly acquired. The AI then provided three prompts for creating a logo using DALL-E-2. Jackson followed GPT-4's advice, even though it went against his instincts as a branding designer.

For the website, GPT-4 was as verbose as possible, making decisions about everything from content to layout. It suggested positioning the logo in the top left corner, creating a five-column grid of cards for the category section, and using a full-width background. The site's first piece of content featured 10 must-have eco-friendly kitchen gadgets for sustainable cooking.

GPT suggested logo for

Green Gadget Guru Logo suggested by GPT4

The AI recommended allocating $40 to Facebook and Instagram ads to promote the website, driving traffic and building an audience. After the initial promotional push, Jackson still had $22.84 remaining in his budget.

The site went live, and Jackson kept his Twitter followers updated on the journey, even sharing a message from GPT-4 to his audience. The AI expressed its gratitude for the support and excitement to help promote sustainable living and eco-friendly products.

At the end of Day One, the cash total stood at $163.84 ($100 initial investment + $100 received from an investor - $8.16 for the domain name - $28 for site hosting). GPT-4's efforts had already started to pay off, and the company was valued at $25,000 after receiving additional investments.

Jackson tweets, "The company is currently valued at $25,000, considering the recent $500 investment for 2%. Not taking any more investors unless the terms are highly favorable."

This story highlights the incredible potential of AI in helping entrepreneurs build interesting and profitable start-ups. GPT-4 not only provided key suggestions throughout the process but also guided Jackson in spending the initial $100 wisely. By leveraging AI, entrepreneurs can access invaluable insights and strategies to create successful businesses, even with limited budgets.

As demonstrated by the venture, AI continues to prove its worth in the world of entrepreneurship. By working together, humans and AI can achieve great things and potentially make a positive impact on the planet.