When your audience is small you can experiment with anything: Yashraj Mukhate

The music composer says he could experiment more and hone his craft before he went viral during the pandemic.

When your audience is small you can experiment with anything: Yashraj Mukhate

Thursday March 23, 2023,

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As per music content creator Yashraj Mukhate, it is easier to experiment when the audience base is small, and also helps one develop their craft.

"The only way to stay relevant is by sharpening one's craft. But with a large follower base it is hard to balance the two," said Mukhate in a panel discussion at Techsparks Mumbai.

The music composer went viral after creating remix tracks 'Rasode Main Kaun Tha' and 'Paawri Ho Rahi Hai' during the pandemic. Though these tracks gave Mukhate millions of followers, it was also followed by certain obligations.

Sanjyot Keer

Food content creator Sanjyot Keer

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"When you have a big follower base, you have to cater to what they'd like. But when I hadn't gone viral, I would upload and experiment with lots of different things in music," he noted.

The pandemic-led lockdowns and the subsequent digital adoption led to the rise of many creators who went viral, followed by brands approaching them for paid collaborations. About eight crore people became part of the creator economy. But in the post-pandemic world, when people are not glued to their phones, engaging users has become a little tricky for many influencers.

"It's not about how relevant you are. For me, it is about if someone is scrolling through their feed every single day, and if they come across my video, for one minute or 10 minutes, and I could add value to the audience," said Sanjyot Keer, who creates food content.

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