TechSparks Mumbai: Get ahead of the game with in-depth masterclasses on cybersecurity and design sprints

Upgrade your tech quotient with the exclusive masterclasses happening only at TechSparks 2023 Mumbai edition scheduled for March 22-23, 2023.

TechSparks Mumbai: Get ahead of the game with in-depth masterclasses on cybersecurity and design sprints

Monday March 20, 2023,

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If you haven’t heard already, YourStory’s flagship event and India’s premier startup conference TechSparks is coming to Mumbai in less than a week! For the first time in 13 years, India’s favourite tech festival will happen in the City of Dreams on March 22 and 23 at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai.

Along with an amazing lineup of speakers who will participate in invigorating panel discussions, keynotes, and fireside chats, we are thrilled to announce not one, but two masterclasses!

The masterclasses will bring together industry experts and enthusiasts to deep-dive into topics and break down complex ideas and concepts. They’re designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements and insights in the technology industry.

Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, or a seasoned professional, these masterclasses will offer you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with like-minded individuals. With expert speakers and interactive sessions, they’re definitely not to be missed. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Turning economic uncertainty into opportunity

We live in times when cyber attacks are increasing worldwide and network security breaches are becoming commonplace. Organisations are dealing with unpredictability and shrinking budgets, and optimising the security strategy cannot be at the cost of weakening overall security.

So, how can companies increase their return on investment (ROI) on cybersecurity investments?

To answer that, Sasidhar Vellamcheti, Principal Solutions Engineer, CloudFlare, will conduct an extensive masterclass on ‘Turning economic uncertainty into opportunity’. The masterclass will cover how organisations can take back control of IT priorities, the ways they can reduce business risks, and how they can turn every uncertainty into an opportunity.

A global network built for the cloud, Cloudflare is designed to make everything you connect to the internet secure, private, fast, and reliable. It secures companies' websites, APIs, and internet applications; protects corporate networks, employees, and devices; and writes and deploys code that runs on the network edge.

With over 15 years of experience in solutions engineering and technical support verticals, Vellamcheti assists organisations and businesses with digital transformation outcomes.

Join him live as he spotlights how to combat economic uncertainty by optimising cybersecurity spend at TechSparks Mumbai.

Accelerating product-market fit with design sprints

Imagine this: You’ve spent six months designing, building, and testing a product idea only to realise it doesn’t work! That’s six months' worth of effort gone down the drain!

What if validating a product idea with users didn't have to take six months? What if we told you it could happen in just two weeks? Hundreds of companies, including Slack, Lego, and AirBnB, have done it! How?

Rahul Gonsalves, Founder, Obvious, will spill the beans at an exclusive masterclass titled ‘Accelerating to product-market fit with design sprints’.

Obvious is an award-winning product and strategy consultancy that creates digital experiences across mobile applications and web technologies. It has employed design and engineering as force multipliers to solve complex problems for over 120 companies including unicorns like Flipkart, Gojek, Dunzo, and Swiggy. Gonsalves founded Obvious in 2013 with a vision to create well-crafted digital products for India and the future. He regularly speaks on design, user experience, design processes, and typography at industry events.

At this masterclass, you’ll learn how to contextualise the design sprint framework to your business and understand how you can integrate design sprints into your product development strategy. Real case studies and examples that’ll help you grasp the nuances of each step and its impact on the outcome of the design sprint will be shared.

You will also receive a toolkit that you can use to start facilitating design sprints, get a template on how to summarise learnings, and have access to office hours from Obvious to help you navigate through your first design sprint!

These two masterclasses are sure to provide you with great insights and practical advice. We look forward to hosting you at these masterclasses and TechSparks Mumbai!

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