Caring Elders

Caring elders was formed by a group of Indian immigrants who settled in US. They felt the need to provide high quality care for their aging parents and their loved ones back home but faced challenges in finding the right physicians, signing up for services, and getting updates about the health status of those who were dependent upon them. Physicians in India can provide home care services locally, but lack of logistics and system management are making it difficult since Home Care services require a different type of Information Technology solutions to connect all the stakeholders. To solve the above issue, founders of Caring Elders have come up with a software solution with local context which enables physicians to start and manage a Home Care Service practice. Furthermore, Caring Elders would open a portal to connect Home Care providers across India to the family members of Patients in India and abroad to ensure optimal health care. Also, through Caring Elders portal, Patients and their family members would have the ability to communicate with their providers and order medications and supplies.