Nirav Hemani

I am an entrepreneur by profession, problem solver by way of perspective, eternal optimist by heart. I am passionate about Financial Literacy, Economics, Businesses, Capital Markets, Emerging Technologies. I am purposeful to build a long term sustainable and profitable business which adds tremendous value for its users.

I love to share my thoughts on Personal Finance, Capital Markets and Emerging Technologies through various social media platforms.

I love to listen to some of the best minds out there on various topics which allows me to be a student forever.

I endeavour to learn something new each day and focus on becoming better with each passing day.

Having worked with one of the Big 4 professional services firm for over 4 years across several countries and teams, I am blessed to have an enriched experience and a global perspective to things I pursue.

I am easily accessible through social media, email and phone. Pick up any handle and I would love to talk on topics which interests you.

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