Patricia Dsouza - Author and Poet
Brand Custodian for #ShameIsNotMine - Halla Bol With the publication of her first book in 2017, “WHEN ROSES ARE CRUSHED", Patricia established herself as an Author and Poet. Patricia Dsouza is an Author of “WHEN ROSES ARE CRUSHED”- A True Story and a Survivor’s Guide to Recovering from Child Abuse - Patricia shares her journey of Real Life POEMS through her book - HELLO MEMORIES! It offers to reveal bittersweet captivating recollection of Real Life POEMS through various perspective. A Philanthropist, a Visionary &a successful Inspirational and Motivational Speaker. She is a Poet, a Managing Partner and also an effective Communications and Executive Coach. Growing up in Dubai (UAE), for more than 21 years, completing her formal education there and later in India, Patricia discovered her purpose in serving humanity at a very early stage in her life. She is a former Executive Director for a Non-Profit Organisation - Divine Mercy Social Welfare Charitable Trust (DMSCT) in Bangalore, India. Working relentlessly with a driving force towards nurturing, volunteering & facilitating rural & urban children, youth & adults. Patricia Dsouza is a former Child Welfare Committee member. Being a Child Abuse Survivor herself, she fervently helps the victims of abuse move past their dreadful pasts. She runs awareness campaigns for Non-Profit Organisations – towards Abuse through various trust and foundations. Patricia perceives life from an eagle’s viewpoint. She is a strongly believes in the "Power to Alter" & “Create a Difference” in each Life. She believes that each human being is captive of a prison that they have created and can certainly be Free by Choices they make. She has a knack for writing, she writes quotes and poems too. She has written more than 100 poems. Patricia Dsouza is ardent, focused and ambitious with over 15 years’ experience. As a Co-founder for a prestigious Academy called Inner Power, she has conducted over 500 Seminars, Workshops and Coaching in Communication skills including Behavioural & People Management for all age groups. She loves to listen to Music and she loves to laugh and sing. She dabbles a lot with words, hence has a way of writing. Her skills of adaptability, versatility with operational and facilitation skills have helped to keep projects focused and has been recognized and rewarded. Ms. Patricia follows a “Can do Attitude” and practically applies it in her day to day life. A real Creative Motivator!! Patricia Dsouza says that things may pull you down so that you may not be able to get up or stand, but you can still choose to focus on your goals and continue the journey creating a change from wherever you are. You don’t need to have special abilities to transform the lives of people around. All you need is a willing heart ~ Patricia Dsouza Website: Kindle: India: USA: Paperback:
  • 26th Oct 2017
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