Sanjay Rai Sherpuriya

Mr. Sanjay Rai Sherpuriya, popularly known as the messiah of Ghazipur, started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17 in Gujarat. Today, he stands as an inspiration to the India Inc Ecosystem. Mr. Sherpuriya’s vision to build a self-reliant economy, especially in the rural division or weaker sections of the society has always empowered him to introduce and process various innovative and upgraded modus operandi towards the achievement of this goal. His inclination towards strengthening the youth and empowering them has never seen a pause to date as he always strives to create the best of opportunities via the scope and approach of Learn, Upskill, Develop and Create. SDG Choupal, a collective community member of UN habitat, WHO, NITI Ayog and MSME ministry honored Shri Sanjay Rai Sherpuriya by appointing him the National Brand Ambassador for his commendable contributions. Mr. Sherpuriya’s vision and work towards empowering the rural segment will be a key milestone and a contributor to the overall social and economic development of the nation