Suneet Kumar Singh

A freelance writer by profession founded one of India's leading academic writing agencies - ContentHolic. Co-founded many other ventures but one of them, which really booming these days is - an influencer marketing agency in India - Brandholic. My recent one, which is going to be very popular soon is - Wedmate - a different concept that was known to people but that nowhere existed - customized biodata for premium marriages. Have worked for all kind of brands, SMEs, and startups till date, helping them with their content marketing strategies and digital branding. With an experience of almost a decade now, I have also worked for unicorn startups, politicians, foreign brands which are coming to India, and whatnot. I love writing and marketing, because of the great learning every project has to offer. Contentholic is my oldest and most popular strat-up, which has helped me survive during the pandemic when all other businesses collapsed. Contentholic is India's one of the leading agencies offering SOP writing services in India.