This startup just launched a coronavirus shield for cars and bikes

Droom’s Corona Shield will initially be available only in Delhi, but the startup aims to expand the service to other cities soon.

Droom on Wednesday launched Corona Shield service to make vehicles virus-proof. The startup claims that its anti-microbial surface protection treatment will be effective for up to four months against droplet-based viruses. It claims that the treatment is effective against SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and other droplet-based viruses.

Part of the Droom Health initiative, the Corona Shield uses an American technology, which uses an anti-microbial coating that attracts bacteria and viruses and ruptures their cellular membranes. This odourless coating is also capable of protecting against algae, yeast, mould, and mildew, and is claimed to have a high 99.99 percent microbial reduction rate.

Speaking on the launch of the new service, Akshay Singh, Vice President of Enterprise and Strategy at Droom said, “The accumulation of bacteria on frequently touched surfaces is the key to the transmission of any infection. COVID-19 can live on a solid surface for up to four days, while other viruses can live up to nine days. So, after 14 days of quarantine, when people are ready to step out of their houses, it is important to ensure that there is no virus left alive in their personal vehicles.”

The treatment is available for passenger vehicles, scooters, and motorcycles. Corona Shield for scooters and motorcycles have been priced at Rs 499, while premium motorcycles will cost Rs 699. Treatment for hatchbacks and sedans has been priced at Rs 999 and Rs 1,399 respectively, while SUVs and luxury cars will need to make a payment of Rs 1,799.

“The shield can deeply sanitise the cars to control the growth of micro-\organisms that can potentially transfer from surface-to-surface. Currently, we are starting this service in Delhi, and based on the response, we will expand its reach to other cities and states,” Akshay added.

The global pandemic has so far infected over two lakh people, leading to the death of over 8,000 around the world. Over 82,000 people have recovered from the disease. In India, the number of infected people currently stands at 152, with three deaths reported.

(Edited by Suman Singh)